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Heine Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope (TL Connector)

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Product Description

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The Heine Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope with TL Connector is an advanced ophthalmoscope that incorporates superior aspherical optics for high-quality examination of the eye. It shares all the features of the BETA 200 S model, except for the macula aperture/pinhole.

One of the key features of this ophthalmoscope is its unique aspherical optics, which ensure excellent clarity and precision during examinations. The aspherical optics help minimize image distortion and provide a clear view of the eye's structures.

The ophthalmoscope comes with a range of 27 lenses, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of the eye's refractive status. These lenses cover a wide range from -35 D to +40 D, enabling precise measurement and correction of refractive errors.

The lenses are available in both positive (+) and negative (-) powers, with 1 D steps. The positive powers range from 1 D to 10 D, 15 D, 20 D, and 40 D, while the negative powers range from 1 D to 10 D, 15 D, 20 D, 25 D, and 35 D.

It's important to note that this ophthalmoscope is designed to fit a Heine handle with a Twistlock (TL) connector, which is compatible with the Welch Allyn connection. However, if your handle has a different attachment type, you will need the standard Heine (AV) connector.

The Heine Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope with TL Connector provides optometrists and ophthalmologists with advanced optics and a comprehensive range of lenses for accurate and detailed eye examinations.

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