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Volk HR Wide Field

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Product Description

The HR Wide Field lens by Volk is an exceptional tool designed to deliver unmatched wide field imaging, specifically tailored for extreme wide field examination and laser PRP (Panretinal Photocoagulation) treatment. With its advanced double aspheric design and superior low dispersion glass, this lens provides clear and distortion-free visualization up to the ora, resulting in precise and accurate imaging.

Product Features:

- Wide Field Imaging: The lens offers unparalleled wide field views, allowing for comprehensive examination and laser treatment.
- Advanced Double Aspheric Design: The lens incorporates an advanced double aspheric design, ensuring superior image quality and clarity across the entire view.
- Distortion-Free Imaging: With its superior low dispersion glass design, the lens eliminates distortion, providing clear and accurate imaging during procedures.
- Small Profile Housing: The lens features a compact profile housing, making it suitable for patients with narrow brows or deep-set eyes.
- Flanged Contact Design: The lens is equipped with a flanged contact design, offering excellent stability on the eye for precise and steady imaging during procedures.

Product Benefits:

- Precise Wide Field Examination: The HR Wide Field lens enables comprehensive examination of the retina, including the ora, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
- Enhanced Laser PRP Treatment: With its unmatched wide field views and distortion-free imaging, the lens is specifically designed for laser PRP treatment, ensuring precise and effective panretinal photocoagulation.
- Clear Visualization: The lens's advanced design and low dispersion glass provide clear and accurate visualization, allowing for improved assessment and monitoring of retinal conditions.

Technical Details:

- Primary Application: Extreme wide field examination and laser PRP treatment.
- Lens Design: Advanced double aspheric design.
- Glass Type: Superior low dispersion glass.
- Housing: Small profile housing.
- Contact Design: Flanged contact design.

The HR Wide Field lens by Volk is the ultimate solution for wide field imaging, particularly suited for extreme wide field examination and laser PRP treatment. Its advanced double aspheric design, coupled with superior low dispersion glass, ensures unparalleled clarity and accuracy throughout the entire view. With its small profile housing and flanged contact design, this lens provides excellent stability on the eye, enabling precise and steady imaging during procedures. Experience clear visualization and improved diagnostic capabilities with the HR Wide Field lens, an indispensable tool for retina specialists and ophthalmologists.

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