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Topcon SL-D701 LED Slit Lamp - Refurbished

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Product Description

Refurbished Topcon SL-D701 LED Slit Lamp: Enhance Your Exams

Upgrade your practice with the advanced features of a refurbished Topcon SL-D701 LED slit lamp. This model offers: 

  • Powerful LED Illumination: Examine eye structures in exceptional detail with bright, consistent LED light.
  • Digital Imaging Ready: Easily integrate with a camera system (if applicable).
  • Multiple Magnifications: Choose from various magnifications for versatile examinations.
  • Warranty Included: Protected with a 90-day warranty, with extension options.

Experience the benefits of advanced LED technology with a refurbished Topcon SL-D701 slit lamp

The Topcon SL-D701 LED Slit Lamp with Optional Digital Camera and Meibography capabilities combines quality, innovation, and advanced features to deliver exceptional examination and imaging capabilities. Its bright LED illumination, optional digital camera attachment, and meibography functionality provide a comprehensive solution for eye examination and documentation. The Topcon SL-D701 LED Slit Lamp with Optional Digital Camera and Meibography capabilities is a versatile and advanced tool for comprehensive eye examinations. Its advanced features, bright LED illumination, precise imaging capabilities, and flexible configuration options make it a valuable asset in eye care settings.

Product Features:

- Bright LED Illumination: Incorporates a powerful 450,000 Lux LED illumination source for bright and uniform lighting, enabling precise observation of eye structures. The short wavelength spectrum allows for detailed examination of minute details in the anterior chamber and vitreous.

- Optional Digital Camera Attachment: With the optional DC-4 Digital Photo Attachment, clear and sharp still images of the eye can be captured. It also enables recording of vivid color videos with remarkable resolution and detail, enhancing documentation capabilities. Basic EZ Capture software is provided for easy image management.

- Meibography Capability: In combination with the DC-4 and optional BG-5 LED Background Illuminator, the SL-D701 allows for observation and documentation of meibomian glands in the patient's eyelids. This aids in the assessment of meibomian gland dysfunction and supports comprehensive evaluation of ocular health.

- Exclusive Amber Filter: Equipped with an exclusive amber filter that enhances color enhancement in viewing and photography. It optimizes the visual perception of eye structures, providing greater clarity and detail during examinations.

- Illumination Control and Magnification Options: Offers illumination control through a rheostat for precise adjustment of light intensity. It features a five magnification drum changer with options of 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, and 40X, allowing flexible observation and examination of different eye structures.

- Consistent Color Temperature: Maintains a consistent color temperature throughout the entire range of illumination intensity adjustment, ensuring accurate color representation and reliable imaging results.

- Optional BG-5 Background Illuminator: Supports the optional BG-5 Background Illuminator, providing adjustable and homogeneous illumination to the photographed areas of the anterior eye segment. This enhances diagnostic capabilities for still picture and video capture, as well as meibography.

- Table Mount or Unit Configuration: Available in both table mount and unit configuration, offering flexibility to suit different clinical settings and preferences.

Product Benefits:

- Accurate Diagnosis: The SL-D701's advanced features contribute to accurate diagnosis and evaluation of ocular conditions.

- Precise Documentation: The optional digital camera attachment and meibography capabilities enable precise documentation of eye structures and meibomian gland health.

- Improved Patient Care: The SL-D701 enhances patient care by providing comprehensive examination capabilities, allowing for better diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Technical Details:

- LED illumination source: 450,000 Lux
- Magnification options: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, and 40X
- Consistent color temperature throughout illumination intensity adjustment
- Amber filter for enhanced color enhancement
- Optional digital camera attachment (DC-4) and meibography capabilities
- Optional BG-5 Background Illuminator
- Available in table mount or unit configuration

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