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Topcon DC-3 Digital Camera Attachment for SL-D Series Slit Lamps

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Product Description

The Topcon DC-3 Integrated Digital Camera Attachment is a professional system designed specifically for high-quality slit lamp photography. It seamlessly integrates into Topcon's SL-D Series Digital Slit Lamps, offering exceptional imaging capabilities with 8 megapixels of resolution for clear, crisp images, videos, and multi-image capture. Its advanced features and software-driven operation ensure effortless image capture and manipulation, providing ophthalmic professionals with a powerful tool for accurate documentation and analysis. The Topcon DC-3 Digital Camera Attachment enhances the imaging capabilities of SL-D Series Slit Lamps, providing professionals with a powerful tool for capturing high-resolution images and videos for accurate documentation and analysis in various ophthalmic procedures. Its seamless integration, software-driven operation, and versatile imaging capabilities make it an invaluable asset in ophthalmic practices.

Product Features:

- 8-megapixel Imaging: The DC-3 attachment delivers high-resolution images, ensuring clear and detailed documentation of the examination. The 8-megapixel resolution captures fine details with precision.

- Fully Integrated Attachment: The DC-3 seamlessly integrates into the optical path of any "D" Series Topcon Slit Lamp, providing a clean and uncluttered appearance. Its internal cabling and connections ensure a neat setup, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

- Omni-directional Joystick: The attachment features an omni-directional joystick with an incorporated capture activation button. This allows for easy operation, freeing the operator's other hand for effortless patient positioning.

- Software-driven Operation: All camera settings, including ISO sensitivity and image size, are software-driven. This enables fast and easy image capture and manipulation, enhancing efficiency and workflow.

- Multiple Image Capture: The DC-3 attachment includes a multiple image feature, allowing the rapid capture of five consecutive images with a single touch. This feature is valuable for capturing dynamic processes or subtle changes over time.

Product Benefits:

- High-Quality Digital Documentation: The 8-megapixel imaging capability ensures clear, crisp images for accurate documentation of ophthalmic examinations and procedures. It enables detailed analysis and supports accurate diagnosis.

- Neat and Uncluttered Appearance: The fully integrated attachment provides a clean and uncluttered appearance on the slit lamp, maintaining a professional and organized workspace.

- Effortless Operation: The omni-directional joystick and capture activation button offer easy operation, allowing the operator to focus on patient positioning and image capture without distractions.

- Efficient Workflow: Software-driven camera settings and rapid multi-image capture streamline the image capture process, saving time and increasing efficiency during examinations and procedures.

- Versatile Imaging Capabilities: The DC-3 enables the capture of both still images and dynamic video images, providing valuable visual information for various ophthalmic procedures and diagnostic purposes.

Technical Details:

- Resolution: 8 megapixels
- Compatibility: Topcon SL-D Series Digital Slit Lamps
- Control: Software-driven camera settings
- Image Capture: Still images, video images, multi-image capture
- Operation: Omni-directional joystick with capture activation button

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