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Topcon OC-2400 Automatic Tilt Exam Chair - Black

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The OC-2400 Ophthalmic Chair from Topcon is a cutting-edge chair designed to provide precise positioning, durability, and enhanced functionality for ophthalmic examinations. With features like motorized tilt, solid aluminum construction, illuminated membrane switch control, and innovative FlashPort technology, this chair delivers a seamless and comfortable experience for both practitioners and patients. The OC-2400 Ophthalmic Chair from Topcon combines advanced features, durable construction, and innovative technology to provide practitioners with a reliable and efficient seating solution for ophthalmic examinations. Its ergonomic design, customizable settings, and enhanced functionality contribute to a positive patient experience and streamlined workflow in the clinical environment.

Product Features:

- Motorized tilt: The chair is equipped with a motorized tilt function that allows for precise positioning, enabling practitioners to find the optimal angle for examinations and procedures. This feature enhances accuracy and ensures patient comfort.

- Hydraulic lift: The chair features a hydraulic lift with a 9" stroke, providing smooth and effortless height adjustment. This allows practitioners to easily position the chair at the desired height for optimal working conditions and patient access.

- User programmable memory positions: The OC-2400 offers two user programmable memory positions, allowing practitioners to save and recall personalized chair settings. This feature enhances workflow efficiency by eliminating the need for manual adjustments, saving time and ensuring consistency.

- Back illuminated membrane switch control: The chair is equipped with a back illuminated membrane switch control panel on both sides, providing easy access to chair adjustments. The illuminated design enhances visibility in low-light environments, ensuring smooth operation and ease of use.

- Solid cast aluminum construction: The chair's frame, armrest, footrest, and base are constructed with solid cast aluminum, ensuring durability and stability. This robust construction ensures long-term reliability and withstands the demands of a busy clinical environment.

- Single button folding armrest: The chair features a single button folding armrest for added convenience. This allows for easy patient entry and exit and provides flexibility during examinations or procedures.

- Securely locking hand brake: The OC-2400 is equipped with a securely locking hand brake with handles on both sides of the chair. This brake ensures stability and safety by preventing unintended movement during examinations or transfers, providing a secure and reliable seating solution.

- Ergonomically contoured cushions: The chair features ergonomically contoured cushions designed for optimal patient comfort. These cushions provide excellent support and enhance the overall patient experience during examinations.

- Self-lubricating hinges and bushings: The chair incorporates self-lubricating hinges and bushings, minimizing friction and ensuring smooth and quiet operation. This feature contributes to the overall durability and functionality of the chair while reducing the need for maintenance.

- Foot pedal control: The chair is controlled by a foot pedal, allowing for convenient and hands-free operation. This design feature enables practitioners to adjust the chair position without interrupting the examination process, maintaining focus and efficiency.

- FlashPort technology: The OC-2400 features innovative FlashPort technology, allowing seamless connectivity with compatible devices. This technology enables easy integration with digital systems, facilitating efficient data transfer and documentation.

- Variety of upholstery colors: The chair is available in a variety of upholstery colors, allowing for customization to suit personal preferences or clinic aesthetics. This option adds versatility and allows for a cohesive visual appearance in the clinical setting.

Technical Details:

- Motorized tilt function
- Hydraulic lift with a 9" stroke
- Two user programmable memory positions
- Back illuminated membrane switch control panel
- Solid cast aluminum frame, armrest, footrest, and base
- Single button folding armrest
- Securely locking hand brake with handles on both sides
- Ergonomically contoured cushions with anti-viral fabric
- Self-lubricating hinges and bushings
- Foot pedal control
- FlashPort technology for seamless connectivity
- Available in a variety of upholstery colors

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