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Marco Bravo2 Tilt Exam Chair

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MA-N-Bravo2 Chair

Product Description

Experience the epitome of functionality and style with the Marco Bravo2 Tilt Exam Chair. This advanced ophthalmic chair offers enhanced features while maintaining its exceptional value, delivering a visually appealing and durable solution. Upgrade to the Marco Bravo2 Tilt Exam Chair, a stylish and reliable solution that combines functionality and durability, ensuring optimal comfort for both patients and optometrists.

Product Features:

- Effortless Tilting Recline: Precision-engineered "bucket style" tilting recline system keeps patients comfortably seated, utilizing their own weight for balanced motion
- Hydraulic Power Lift: Smooth, quiet, and reliable elevation with conveniently located controls and a corded foot pedal for flexible positioning
- Intelligent Rotation Lock: Foot-activated rotation mechanism allows quick and simple rotation and locking motion for efficient examinations
- Sleek Adjustable Arm Rests: Stable and individually adjustable arm rests for comfortable patient access, made of durable and easy-to-clean polyurethane material
- Pillow Headrest: Adjustable and articulating pillow-type headrest provides comfortable support for the patient's head and neck
- Robust Adjustable Footrest: Functional and smooth footrest that ensures patient safety and comfort during examinations
- Wheelchair Accessibility: Optional chair glides and chair movers provide full ADA access capability for wheelchair-bound patients

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Comfort: Effortless tilting recline and adjustable features ensure optimal patient comfort during examinations
- Smooth and Reliable: Hydraulic power lift provides smooth and quiet elevation for seamless positioning
- Efficient Examinations: Intelligent rotation lock and adjustable arm rests enhance convenience and efficiency during examinations
- Easy to Clean: Durable polyurethane material on arm rests is easy to clean and maintain
- Customizable Support: Adjustable pillow headrest and footrest accommodate individual patient needs
- Wheelchair Accessible: Optional chair glides and chair movers offer ADA access capability for wheelchair-bound patients

Technical Details:

- Base: 22" x 23.25"
- Lift Capacity: Approximately 350 lbs
- Ground to Seat Height: 21.5" (low) - 30" (high)
- Rotation: 270 degrees
- Recline Mechanism: Tilting recline
- Input Voltage: 100-120VAC 60HZ
- Fuses: 8A

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