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  • Marco Bravo Ophthalmic Chair

Marco Bravo Ophthalmic Chair

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Product Description

The Marco Bravo Ophthalmic Chair is a cost-effective solution designed for everyday primary patient care. With its simple yet contemporary design, this chair seamlessly integrates with our classical chairs and instrument stands. Its focus on functionality and space optimization allows for maximum utilization of small examination rooms. By eliminating the recline mechanism and protruding "elbow" headrest, the Bravo chair can be conveniently positioned against the wall, optimizing space and ensuring an optimal refraction distance. The chair also features convenient pop-on cushions* for enhanced patient comfort during examinations, promoting relaxation and ease.

Product Features:

- Space Optimization: The elimination of the recline mechanism and protruding headrest allows the chair to be positioned against the wall, maximizing space in small examination rooms.
- Pop-On Cushions*: High, curved cushions provide a comfortable headrest position for tasks such as administering eye drops or conducting indirect examinations, enhancing patient comfort and relaxation.
- Customization Options: The Marco Package Plus Program allows for customization of the exam lane configuration, tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice.
- Color Options: Available in black, navy, and grey, allowing you to select a color that matches your preference and office decor.

Product Benefits:

- Efficient Space Utilization: The Bravo chair's design optimizes space in small examination rooms, providing an ideal refraction distance and efficient use of the available area.
- Enhanced Patient Comfort: The pop-on cushions* offer a comfortable headrest position, ensuring patients can relax and remain at ease during their examinations.
- Tailored Configuration: The customization options provided by the Marco Package Plus Program allow you to create an exam lane configuration that suits the specific requirements of your practice.
- Aesthetic Adaptability: The availability of different colors allows you to choose a chair that complements your office decor and personal preference.

Technical Details:

- Model: Marco Bravo Ophthalmic Chair
- Design: Simple and contemporary
- Cushions: Pop-on cushions* with a high, curved back
- Color Options: Black, navy, grey

Discover the practicality and value of the Marco Bravo Ophthalmic Chair in your everyday patient care. Its simplicity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness make it an excellent choice for optimizing space and enhancing patient comfort. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Bravo chair in your practice.

Note: *Please inquire about the availability and compatibility of pop-on cushions for the Bravo chair.

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