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Topcon OC-2200 Chair

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Product Description

The Topcon OC-2200 Manual-Recline Chair is a premium ophthalmic chair that offers both comfort and functionality during examinations. With its manual recline feature, illuminated membrane switch control, solid aluminum construction, and ergonomic design, this chair provides a comfortable and efficient experience for both practitioners and patients. The Topcon OC-2200 Manual-Recline Chair combines durable construction, user-friendly controls, and ergonomic design to provide a reliable and comfortable seating solution for ophthalmic examinations. Its high-quality features and attention to patient comfort make it an ideal choice for eye care professionals.

Product Features:

- Manual recline: The chair can be easily reclined using the ambidextrous handle, allowing patients to find their preferred position for optimal comfort during examinations. This feature enhances the overall patient experience and ensures relaxation during procedures.

- Illuminated membrane switch control: The chair is equipped with an illuminated membrane switch control panel, enabling easy operation in various lighting conditions. This user-friendly feature ensures precise control and enhances visibility for seamless adjustments.

- Solid aluminum construction: The OC-2200 chair features a durable cast aluminum frame, armrest, footrest, and base. This construction provides stability, longevity, and reliability, ensuring that the chair withstands the demands of a busy clinical setting.

- Full range articulating headrest: The chair offers a full range articulating headrest that can be adjusted to multiple positions. This feature provides flexibility and support, allowing practitioners to position patients optimally for thorough and accurate examinations.

- Variety of upholstery colors: The chair is available in a range of upholstery colors, allowing you to choose the option that matches your personal preference or clinic decor. This customization option adds aesthetic value and contributes to a cohesive visual environment.

- Ergonomically contoured cushions: The chair is designed with ergonomically contoured cushions to maximize patient comfort. These cushions provide excellent support and ensure a relaxed and comfortable experience during examinations. Additionally, the upholstery is treated with an anti-viral coating for enhanced hygiene.

- Single button folding armrests: The OC-2200 chair is equipped with single button folding armrests, allowing for easy patient access and convenient positioning. This feature facilitates seamless patient transfers and ensures smooth workflow during examinations.

Technical Details:

- Manual recline feature
- Illuminated membrane switch control panel
- Solid cast aluminum frame, armrest, footrest, and base
- Full range articulating headrest
- Variety of upholstery colors
- Ergonomically contoured cushions with anti-viral coating
- Single button folding armrests

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