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  • Used Topcon CT80 NCT

Topcon CT-80 Non Contact Tonometer - Refurbished

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Product Description

The Topcon CT-80 non-contact autotonometer, available in perfect working condition, offers a seamless and accurate tonometry experience. Redesigned for enhanced ease and comfort, this instrument enables quick intraocular pressure readings. With improved efficiency and advanced safety features, the CT-80 is designed to optimize patient care. Its triple patient safety function, dual sensor system, automatic/manual measurement modes, and built-in printer ensure precise measurement data and convenient record-keeping. The Topcon CT-80 non-contact autotonometer offers a reliable and efficient solution for obtaining accurate tonometry readings. With its redesigned features, advanced safety functions, and versatile measurement modes, it enhances the efficiency of eye care professionals and ensures precise measurement data. The included warranty provides additional peace of mind, making it an excellent choice for reliable tonometry assessments.

Product Features:

- Redesigned for enhanced comfort: The CT-80 features a new alignment bar and improved air cylinder, providing a more comfortable tonometry experience for patients.
- Increased efficiency: The instrument's redesign has reduced the interval time between measurements by over 30%, enabling practitioners to see more patients in a day.
- Triple patient safety function: The CT-80 is equipped with an innovative triple patient safety function to ensure accurate and safe measurements.
- Dual sensor system: The autotonometer incorporates a dual sensor system that enhances the accuracy of measurement data, providing reliable results for effective diagnosis and monitoring.
- Automatic and manual measurement modes: The CT-80 offers both automatic and manual measurement modes, allowing flexibility in capturing tonometry readings based on the specific requirements of each examination.
- Built-in printer: The instrument is equipped with a built-in printer that can produce printed results for up to three individual measurements, as well as an averaged value for each eye. This feature simplifies record-keeping and enables easy sharing of results with patients or colleagues.

Technical Details:

- Instrument type: Non-contact autotonometer
- Measurement capabilities: Intraocular pressure readings
- Safety features: Triple patient safety function
- Sensor system: Dual sensor system for accurate measurement data
- Measurement modes: Automatic and manual modes
- Printing capabilities: Built-in printer for up to three individual measurements and averaged values
- Warranty: Full parts and labor warranty included with the used CT-80 autotonometer

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