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Telscreen Anterior Seg Slit Lamp System

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Product Description

The Telscreen Anterior Seg Slit Lamp System is a cutting-edge solution that brings advanced imaging capabilities to both older and newer slit lamps. With its comprehensive package, including specialized hardware, software, and on-site services, the EyeRes-IS™ system delivers exceptional performance, expert training, and a leading warranty. Experience the power of TelScreen's unique capabilities and elevate your anterior segment examinations to new levels of precision and detail.

Product Features:

1. Cobalt-Blue Tear-Film Break-Up: Clear images capturing tear-film break-up with cobalt-blue lighting.
2. High-Resolution Corneal Cross-Sections: Detailed corneal cross-section images without the need for background lighting or high-intensity flashes.
3. Fluorescein and Lissamine Green Staining: Excellent images of staining for precise examination and analysis.
4. Extended Depth of Focus: Images with a larger depth of focus compared to the eyepiece view, offering enhanced clarity and detail.
5. Camera Auto-Adjustments: Automatic camera settings optimization for superior digital image quality.
6. Enhanced Resolution: Minimized pixel errors for the best possible resolution in slit-lamp digital imaging.
7. Efficient Image Labeling: Easy labeling of images with ICD descriptions and codes, streamlining documentation and coding processes.
8. High-Speed Movie Clips: Full-resolution movie clips recorded at a remarkable speed of 30 frames per second for dynamic assessments and analyses.

Product Benefits:

- Advanced Imaging Capabilities: Clear and detailed images of tear-film break-up, corneal cross-sections, and staining for precise diagnostics.
- Enhanced Clarity and Detail: Extended depth of focus and optimized resolution provide superior visualization of anterior segment conditions.
- Time Efficiency: Camera auto-adjustments and efficient image labeling streamline examination processes and documentation.
- Flexibility and Compatibility: Retrofittable onto most older and newer slit lamps, making it accessible for various clinical settings.
- Comprehensive Package: The EyeRes-IS™ system includes hardware, software, on-site services, training, and a reliable warranty, ensuring a complete and supported solution.

Technical Details:

- Packages Available: Platinum EyeRes-IS System, Gold EyeRes-IS System, Silver EyeRes System, EyeRes-SL EDO Slit Lamp.
- For pricing and detailed package information, please contact Telscreen directly.

The Telscreen Anterior Seg Slit Lamp System revolutionizes anterior segment examinations with its advanced imaging capabilities, clarity, and ease of use. Upgrade your slit lamp with TelScreen's cutting-edge technology and elevate your diagnostic capabilities to unprecedented levels.

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