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Reliance Optometry Workplace

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Product Description

The Reliance Optometry Workplace is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of optometrists, providing all the necessary equipment for a fully functional optometry exam lane. With reliable components from renowned manufacturers Reliance and Haag-Streit, this workplace combines exceptional performance and durability, ensuring optimal patient care and reliable diagnostic outcomes.

Product Features:

1.Reliance SL3 Slit Lamp:
- High-quality optics from Haag-Streit for superior image quality
- Clear and detailed visualization of eye structures for accurate diagnosis
- Durable construction to withstand the demands of optometry practice

2. Haag-Streit AT 870 Goldmann Applanation Tonometer (GAT):
- Gold standard in tonometry for fast and reproducible IOP measurements
- Convenient use while the patient is seated at the SL3 slit lamp
- Streamlined examination process and optimized workflow

3. Reliance 7900 Instrument Stand:
- Trusted choice known for durability and functionality
- Complete access to patients with integrated chair controls and wells for handheld instruments
- Convenient and efficient examination setup with all necessary tools within reach

4. Reliance 520 Examination Chair:
- Durable construction combined with patient comfort
- Manual pneumatic-assisted tilt-recline functionality for easy patient positioning
- Modern design, padded headrest, and hinged footrest prioritizing patient comfort
- Rotating armrests to accommodate patient movement

5. Reliance 4246 Examination Stool:
- Stable, stylish, and comfortable examination stool
- Adjustable, tilted backrest for optimal ergonomic support
- Horizontal and vertical movement adjustments to accommodate individual preferences
- Durable black epoxy enamel finish for long-lasting use

Product Benefits:

- Superior image quality and precise examination of eye structures
- Fast and highly reproducible IOP measurements for accurate diagnosis
- Convenient and streamlined examination process with integrated equipment
- Patient comfort prioritized with ergonomic chair design and padded features
- Stability and style combined with adjustability for practitioner comfort
- Trusted durability and functionality to withstand the demands of optometry practice
- Exceptional value with low total cost of ownership
- Renowned service and support from Reliance and Haag-Streit

Technical Details:

- Manufacturers: Reliance and Haag-Streit
- Optometry workplace designed for comprehensive functionality
- Equipment: SL3 slit lamp, AT 870 Goldmann Applanation Tonometer, 7900 instrument stand, 520 examination chair, and 4246 examination stool
- Optimal patient positioning and comfort features
- Durable construction for long-lasting use
- Ergonomic adjustments for practitioner comfort
- Service and support available from Reliance and Haag-Streit

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