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Reliance 7900 Instrument Stand

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Product Description

The Reliance 7900 Instrument Stand is a versatile and efficient solution designed to enhance the operation of diagnostic instruments in healthcare settings. With its sleek design, high-impact material, and advanced features, this stand provides convenient instrument storage, easy maneuverability, and precise functionality. The stand is built to last, ensuring longevity and reliability in daily use.


1. Instrument Wells: Choose between the version with instrument wells (IC) or without (NC) to accommodate Welch Allyn instruments. The instrument wells provide convenient storage and easy accessibility during examinations.

2. Sleek Design: The stand's ergonomic layout ensures maximum accessibility to patients and efficient operation. Healthcare professionals can easily maneuver and position instruments, improving workflow and enhancing patient care.

3. High-Impact Material: Constructed with high-impact and chip-resistant material, the stand offers durability and longevity. The pearl finish provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance while masking minor nicks and scrapes, maintaining its beautiful look.

4. Counterbalanced Arms: The Slit Lamp Arm is counterbalanced and adjustable, accommodating instruments weighing between 12 and 60 lbs. The stand also features standard Upper Refractor and single lock phoropter arms with a 10" vertical range, capable of handling instruments up to 20 lbs. These adjustable arms ensure flexibility and ease of use.

5. Backlit Membrane Switches: Super-durable backlit membrane switches located on the console control various functions, including the chart projector, raise and lower functions of a Reliance examination chair, overhead lamp intensity, and binding posts for the indirect ophthalmoscope. The switches increase safety, eliminate high voltages, and contribute to the stand's longevity.

6. Halogen Overhead Lamp: Equipped with a long-lasting halogen bulb, the stand provides bright and focused illumination for accurate examinations and procedures. The overhead lamp ensures optimal visibility and clarity.

7. CSA and UL Certified: The stand has undergone rigorous testing and is certified by CSA and UL. It complies with international safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards, ensuring quality, safety, and reliability for healthcare professionals and patients.


- Third Instrument Arm: Add an optional third instrument arm with a capacity of 20 to 50 lbs and 10" travel, providing additional flexibility and convenience for instrument placement.
- Indirect Ophthalmoscope Hanger: Include a hanger for an indirect ophthalmoscope, keeping it easily accessible during examinations.
- Monitor Arm (Optional): Equip the stand with the optional 5399 Monitor Arm for attaching a monitor, displaying relevant information during examinations.

Technical Details:

- Certification: CSA and UL certified, complying with international safety standards (IEC 60601-1) and electromagnetic compatibility (IEC 60601-1-2).
- Instrument Weight Capacity: Slit Lamp Arm - 12 to 60 lbs; Upper Refractor and Phoropter Arms - up to 20 lbs.
- Membrane Switches: Backlit and durable switches control various stand functions, enhancing safety and longevity.
- Halogen Overhead Lamp: Equipped with a long-lasting halogen bulb for bright and focused illumination.
- Material: High-impact and chip-resistant material with a pearl finish for durability and aesthetics.
- Optional Accessories: Third Instrument Arm, Indirect Ophthalmoscope Hanger, and Monitor Arm (5399).

The Reliance 7900 Instrument Stand, proudly made in America, offers advanced functionality, durability, and compliance with international standards. It is an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals, ensuring efficient and precise examinations while prioritizing patient comfort and care.

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