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  • Reliance 710 Procedures Chair
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Reliance 710 Exam / Procedures Chair

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Product Description

The Reliance 710 Exam / Procedure Chair combines an elegant ergonomic design with maximum-comfort construction, reducing patient stress and shortening procedure times. With its range of features and optimized accessibility, this chair provides a comfortable and efficient experience for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Product Features:

- Power base and top: The chair is equipped with a power base and top, allowing for easy adjustment of the chair's height, position, and recline. Healthcare professionals can use finger switches or a corded foot switch to conveniently raise, lower, or recline the chair according to specific requirements.
- Optimized accessibility with round base: The round base design of the chair ensures optimized accessibility, allowing healthcare professionals to have easy and unrestricted movement around the chair during procedures. This enhances efficiency and facilitates seamless patient care.
- Rotation locks on both sides of the chair: The chair features rotation locks on both sides, providing stability and security during procedures. These locks prevent unwanted movement and ensure a safe environment for patients.
- Hydraulic base tested to 600 pounds: The hydraulic base of the chair undergoes rigorous testing to support a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds. This robust construction ensures stability and durability, accommodating a wide range of patients.
- High and low base models available: The Reliance 710 Exam Chair is available in both high and low base models, offering flexibility to suit different space constraints and examination preferences.
- Auto return button: The chair is designed with an auto return button, allowing for quick and effortless return to the upright position. This feature streamlines workflow and saves time between procedures.
- Memory Positioning Switch: The chair includes a memory positioning switch, enabling healthcare professionals to set and store preferred positions. This ensures quick and accurate adjustments based on individual patient needs, enhancing efficiency and patient comfort.
- Safety Switch prevents children from operating the chair: The chair is equipped with a safety switch that prevents unintended operation, particularly by children. This adds an extra layer of safety and ensures that the chair is only operated by authorized individuals.
- Made in America and CSA, C/US Certificate of Compliance: The Reliance 710 Exam / Procedure Chair is proudly manufactured in America, adhering to high-quality standards. It is also CSA and C/US certified, demonstrating compliance with safety and performance requirements.

Technical Details:

- Power base and top with finger switches or corded foot switch control.
- Round base design for optimized accessibility.
- Rotation locks on both sides of the chair for stability.
- Hydraulic base tested to support up to 600 pounds.
- Available in high and low base models.
- Auto return button for quick return to upright position.
- Memory Positioning Switch for setting and recalling preferred positions.
- Safety Switch to prevent unauthorized operation, especially by children.
- Made in America, meeting high-quality manufacturing standards.
- CSA and C/US certified for safety and performance compliance.

The Reliance 710 Exam / Procedure Chair's elegant ergonomic design, combined with its range of features, ensures reduced patient stress and shortened procedure times. Its maximum-comfort construction and optimized accessibility make it a reliable choice for healthcare facilities.

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