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Reliance 7000 Full Power Procedure Chair

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Product Description

The Reliance 7000 Dual-Purpose Exam Chair / Minor Procedure Table is a premium, fully powered chair that provides versatile functionality as both an examination chair and a minor procedure table. With its advanced features, customizable options, and robust construction, this chair offers exceptional comfort, efficiency, and safety for healthcare professionals and patients.

Reliance 7000 Dual-Purpose Exam Chair / Minor Procedure Table Features:

- Dual Controls: The chair is equipped with dual controls for both the base and top functions. This allows healthcare professionals to easily and precisely adjust the chair's positioning, providing flexibility and optimal patient support during examinations and procedures.
- Programmable Memory Feature: The chair includes a programmable memory feature for recline positions. Healthcare professionals can store and recall preferred recline settings, saving time and ensuring consistent patient comfort.
- Safety Switch: The chair is equipped with a safety switch, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized use. This feature promotes a safe and controlled environment for both healthcare professionals and patients.
- Multiple Headrest Options: The Reliance 7000 offers six headrest options at no additional cost, providing healthcare professionals the ability to select the most suitable headrest for their patients' comfort and support.
- Versatile Recline Capability: The chair can recline to an almost flat position, making it suitable for minor procedures. This versatility expands its functionality and usage in medical settings, offering convenience and efficiency.
- Dual Side Controls and Membrane Switches: The chair can be fully controlled from either a sitting or standing position using the dual side controls and membrane switches. This design ensures ease of use and efficient operation during examinations and procedures.
- Rotation Locks: The chair is equipped with rotation locks that secure it in place when needed, providing stability and ensuring patient safety during examinations and procedures.
- High and Low Base Models: The Reliance 7000 is available in high and low base models, allowing healthcare professionals to choose the option that best suits their specific requirements and space constraints.
- Hydraulic Base Tested to 600 Pounds: The chair's hydraulic base undergoes rigorous testing to ensure strength and durability, supporting a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds. This robust construction ensures reliable performance and patient safety.
- Auto Return Button: The chair features an auto return button that enables quick and effortless return to the upright position, streamlining workflow and facilitating smooth transitions between patients.
- Armrests with Locking Mechanism: The chair's armrests can be locked in place, providing stability and support for patients during examinations and procedures. The padded underside adds to patient comfort.
- CSA and C/US Certificate of Compliance: The Reliance 7000 is CSA and C/US certified, meeting stringent safety and performance standards. This certification assures healthcare professionals of its quality and adherence to industry regulations.
- Made in the USA: The Reliance 7000 is proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and manufacturing standards.

Technical Details:

- Dual controls for base and top functions.
- Programmable memory feature for recline positions.
- Safety switch for enhanced security.
- Multiple headrest options at no additional cost.
- Versatile recline capability for minor procedures.
- Dual side controls and membrane switches.
- Rotation locks for stability.
- High and low base models available.
- Hydraulic base tested to support up to 600 pounds.
- Auto return button for quick return to upright position.
- Armrests with locking mechanism and padded underside.
- CSA and C/US certified for safety and compliance.
- Made in the USA, meeting high-quality standards.

The Reliance 7000 Dual-Purpose Exam Chair / Minor Procedure Table is a premium and versatile choice for healthcare professionals. Its advanced features, customizable options, and adherence to safety standards make it a reliable asset in medical settings. With its exceptional functionality, comfort, and durability, this chair ensures optimal patient care and enhances the efficiency of healthcare procedures.

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