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Reichert VRx Visual Refractor

Call 800-597-7152
$120.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Drive practice efficiency and accelerate the exam process. The first thing that really stands out about the Reichert Phoroptor VRx Visual Refractor is its sleek slimline look and near silent function. Compared to all other products on the market which are bigger, bulkier and alot noisier, the Reichert VRx is an absolute joy to work with.

The control panel has recieved some serious overhaul too. Not only is the new layout extremely user friendly but Reichert have added a fantastic touchscreen display making the VRx Visual Refractor the most intuitive and easiest to use refraction system available today. Technicians can learn how to refract with the VRx in now time at all and refraction steps can be easily programmed to suit you and your staff.

Now, an automated refraction system is all fine and dandy but an important question you must ask yourself is will it play nicely with your EMR and other automated equipment like your lensmeter and auto-refractor. Don’t worry, you can rest easy… this is another standout feature of the VRx Visual Refractor. It fully integrates with practically every EMR system and equipment configuration possible so their is no need to purchase different auto-lensmeters or auto-refractors unlike other manufacturers who only tie into their own specific equipment… that they’ll gladly let you have at a “discount”! The VRx even has a built-in bluetooth interface that will remove unsightly power cords and wires.

The VRx does have one gem of a function which is a huge patient pleaser; the ability to flip between old and new prescriptions with the touch of a button. You’ll be amazed at how many times patients say “wow”!

Everything about the Reichert VRx Visual Refractor oozes quality and no detail is overlooked. From the split prism cross cylinder lens to the magnetic face shields and the illuminated reading card, the VRx is certain to be a real game changer. 

You’ll finally be able to refract patients day-in-day-out in total comfort. To find out more about the VRx or schedule a demo call us on 800.597.7152.


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