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Reichert OptoChek Plus AutoRefractor / Keratometer

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RE-N-OptoChek Plus
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Product Description

Indulge in our exclusive bundle offer and experience a sensory delight while saving an additional 5%. When you acquire the OptoChek Plus Auto Refractor + Keratometer alongside the LensChek Plus AutoLensmeter, you'll immerse your practice in a world of accurate and efficient measurements. Upgrade your practice and revel in the benefits of these cutting-edge instruments. Seize this exclusive offer now to acquire the OptoChek Plus Auto Refractor + Keratometer and the LensChek Plus AutoLensmeter at a discounted price. Elevate your measurements, elevate your practice!

Product Features:

- Wide Measurement Range: Sphere -30D to +22D, Cylinder 0 to ±10D, Axis angle 1 to 180° for refractive measurements. Radius of curvature 5.0 to 10.0 mm, Corneal Power 33.75 to 67.5D, Degree of corneal astigmatism 0 to ±10D, Axis angle 1 to 180° for keratometric measurements.
- Comprehensive Data Collection: Pupil diameter measurement range of 2.0 to 8.5 mm and PD measurement range of 85 mm.
- Versatile Vertex Distance: Choose from 0, 10, 12, 13.5, or 15 mm for enhanced versatility.
- Crystal-Clear Display: Enjoy a 5.7-inch color LCD monitor for vivid and precise visuals.
- Seamless Connectivity: Utilize the serial RS-232C port for effortless integration with other devices.
- Compact Dimensions: With a height of 46.4 cm, width of 22.9 cm, and depth of 42.9 cm, it seamlessly fits into your practice.

Product Features:

- Quick and Accurate Measurements: Obtain precise lens power measurements with ease and efficiency.
- Enhanced Workflow: Bundle the Auto Refractor + Keratometer with the AutoLensmeter to streamline your processes and save valuable time.
- Reliable Instrument: Trust in the accuracy and dependability of this advanced device.

Technical Details:

- Size: Height 46.4 cm, Width 22.9 cm, Depth 42.9 cm

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