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Topcon RM-800 Autorefractor / Keratometer

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Product Description

The Topcon RM-800 Auto Refractometer sets a new standard in design technology and ergonomics, offering eye care professionals an exceptional refractive measurement experience. With its bright and vibrant 8.5-inch color touchscreen panel, navigating and controlling the device's main functions is effortless. The compact, modern, and ergonomic design ensures both the operator and the patient experience optimal comfort. The improved joystick operation, 23% lighter than previous models, provides enhanced maneuverability and ease of use. With the incorporation of Topcon's renowned Rotary Prism Technology, the RM-800 guarantees accurate and stable refractive measurements, ensuring reliable data for diagnosis and treatment.

Product Features:

- Bright 8.5-inch Color Touchscreen Display: The RM-800 features a vivid and user-friendly display, offering a clear and intuitive interface for easy navigation and operation. The high-resolution screen provides enhanced visibility and readability of measurement data.

- Compact, Modern, and Ergonomic Design: The device's sleek and ergonomic design optimizes user comfort and patient experience. Its compact size ensures efficient use of space in the examination area, while the modern aesthetics add a professional touch to the clinic environment.

- Improved Joystick Operation: With a 23% reduction in weight compared to previous models, the RM-800's joystick offers enhanced control and ease of use. The lightweight design allows for smooth and precise maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue during prolonged use.

- Ease of Use and Operability: The RM-800 is designed to be user-friendly, enabling quick and efficient measurements with minimal training required. Its intuitive interface and streamlined workflow contribute to a seamless examination process.

- Topcon's Rotary Prism Technology: The inclusion of Rotary Prism technology ensures highly accurate refractive measurements. The rotary prism mechanism provides stable and consistent measurements, eliminating potential errors and providing reliable data for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Technical Details:

- Bright and vibrant 8.5-inch color touchscreen panel
- Compact, modern, and ergonomic design
- Improved joystick operation with 23% weight reduction
- User-friendly interface for ease of use and efficient measurements
- Incorporation of Topcon's Rotary Prism Technology for accurate refractive measurements

The Topcon RM-800 Auto Refractometer combines advanced features, ergonomic design, and the reliability of Rotary Prism Technology, making it an indispensable tool for eye care professionals. With its bright and user-friendly display, compact design, improved joystick operation, ease of use, and accurate measurements, the RM-800 provides accurate and efficient refractive measurements, contributing to optimal patient care and treatment outcomes.

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