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Reichert VRx Visual Refractor w/Prism

$120.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Experience the future of refraction with the Reichert VRx Visual Refractor with Prism. This state-of-the-art refraction system revolutionizes the exam process, providing exceptional efficiency and convenience. Its sleek and slimline design creates a visually appealing and tranquil environment. The user-friendly touchscreen display and intuitive control panel make operation a breeze, allowing technicians to customize refraction steps to suit their practice needs. With seamless integration capabilities, the VRx works harmoniously with various EMR systems and equipment configurations. Patients will appreciate the instant switching between prescriptions, ensuring a comfortable and seamless refraction experience. From the finest details like the split prism cross cylinder lens to the magnetic face shields and illuminated reading card, the VRx is designed to elevate the field of refraction. Experience the future of refraction with the VRx Visual Refractor.

Product Features:

- Sleek and Slimline Design: Aesthetically pleasing and operates silently, providing a pleasant and enjoyable experience for practitioners and patients alike.
- User-Friendly Touchscreen Display: Intuitive interface for easy operation, allowing technicians to quickly learn and program refraction steps to meet practice needs.
- Seamless Integration: Compatible with various EMR systems, lensmeters, and auto-refractors, providing flexibility and eliminating the need for additional equipment.
- Instant Prescription Switching: Patients benefit from the ability to switch between old and new prescriptions instantly, enhancing their experience during the refraction process.
- Attention to Detail: Carefully designed features, such as the split prism cross cylinder lens, magnetic face shields, and illuminated reading card, demonstrate the commitment to quality.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlines the refraction process, improving practice efficiency and reducing exam time.
- User-Friendly Operation: The intuitive interface and customizable settings make the VRx the easiest and most user-friendly refraction system available, saving time and reducing training requirements.
- Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with existing EMR systems and equipment configurations, ensuring compatibility and smooth workflow.
- Enhanced Patient Experience: Instant prescription switching and thoughtful design details create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for patients during the refraction process.

Technical Details:

- Product Name: Reichert VRx Visual Refractor with Prism
- Compatibility: Fully compatible with various EMR systems, lensmeters, and auto-refractors
- Additional Features: Touchscreen display, instant prescription switching, split prism cross cylinder lens, magnetic face shields, illuminated reading card
- Demo available!

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