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Reichert ML1 Manual Lensometer

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Product Description

Discover the versatility and reliability of the Reichert ML1 Manual Lensometer. This exceptional instrument allows for precise measurements of different types of lenses, including single vision, bifocal, and contact lenses. With its LED illuminated target, cordless operation, unrestricted tilting angle, large diameter lens compatibility, prism compensator, and Reichert quality, the ML1 provides convenience, accuracy, and durability for your lens measurement needs.

Product Features:

- LED Illuminated Target: The ML1 utilizes an LED light source, offering comfortable, glare-free, green illumination for precise measurements. The sharp mires and clear target make lens readings easy and accurate.
- Cordless Operation: The ML1 is battery operated and cordless, providing mobility and eliminating the hassle of cords. The LED's low power consumption and auto sleep feature ensure a long battery life. Standard AAA batteries are cost-effective and widely available.
- Unrestricted Tilting Angle: The ML1 can be adjusted to any angle, allowing for maximum convenience while measuring. Its full 90 degrees tilting capability simplifies the measurement of contact lenses.
- Large Diameter Lens Compatibility: The ML1 accommodates lenses with diameters ranging from 24 to 90mm. The bold crossline target enhances readability and ease of use during measurements.
- Prism Compensator: The prism compensator feature expands the measurement range to 15 diopters, offering increased flexibility for measuring lenses with prism correction.
- Reichert Quality: With the trusted Reichert name, you can rely on the ML1 for its high quality and durability. It is designed to deliver consistent and accurate results with every measurement.

Product Benefits:

- Accurate lens measurements: The ML1 ensures precise readings of various lens types, promoting accuracy in lens prescriptions and fittings.
- Easy and comfortable operation: The LED illuminated target and clear mires provide a user-friendly experience, making lens measurements convenient and reliable.
- Cordless mobility: The battery-operated and cordless design allows for freedom of movement and eliminates cord clutter, enhancing flexibility in your workspace.
- Long-lasting battery life: The ML1's LED light source and efficient power management extend battery life, minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements.
- Versatile lens measurement: The ML1's unrestricted tilting angle and large diameter lens compatibility make it suitable for measuring a wide range of lenses, including contact lenses and larger diameter lenses.
- Enhanced measurement range: The prism compensator feature expands the measurement capabilities, accommodating lenses with prism correction and providing greater flexibility in lens evaluation.

Technical Details:

- Measurement compatibility: Single vision, bifocal, and contact lenses
- LED illuminated target with green glare-free illumination
- Cordless operation with low power consumption and auto sleep feature
- Unrestricted tilting angle up to 90 degrees
- Lens diameter compatibility: 24 to 90mm
- Prism compensator with a measurement range of up to 15 diopters
- Built with Reichert's renowned quality and reliability standards

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