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Reichert LensChek Pro Auto Lensometer

RE-N-LensChek Pro
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Product Description

The LensChek Pro Digital Lensometer with PD + UV is an advanced lens measurement device that combines technology, simplicity, and value to enhance the examination process. With its compact and modern design, along with an intuitive user interface, it offers a user-friendly experience for eye care professionals. The device is part of the VisionChek Digital Exam Suite, providing comprehensive functionality for lens measurement.

Key Features:

1. Compact, Modern Design: The LensChek Pro features a compact and modern design, making it visually appealing and easy to incorporate into any examination setting.

2. Intuitive User Interface: The device is equipped with an intuitive user interface that simplifies operation and navigation. This allows for a seamless and efficient lens measurement experience.

3. Brilliant 5.7 Inch Color LCD Display: The LensChek Pro boasts a high-quality 5.7-inch color LCD display, providing clear and vibrant visuals for easy reading and analysis of measurement results.

4. Green Measurement Light: The device utilizes a green measurement light, which offers accurate and reliable readings for precise lens measurement.

5. Automatic Lock-in Measurement: When the target is aligned with the correct optical center, the LensChek Pro can automatically lock-in the measurement. This feature ensures fast, repeatable, and reliable lens measurements.

6. Lens Measurement Capabilities: The device can measure various types of lenses, including single vision, bi-focal/tri-focal, and progressive lenses. It also has a dedicated mode for measuring hard and soft contact lenses.

7. PD Measurement: The LensChek Pro includes PD measurement capabilities, allowing for the accurate assessment of pupillary distance.

8. UV Transmittance: This device features UV transmittance measurement, providing valuable information about the lens's ability to block harmful ultraviolet rays.

9. Data Output Options: The LensChek Pro offers data output options to streamline record-keeping and integration with other devices. It includes a built-in printer for immediate result documentation and a serial RS-232C port for connecting to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other devices.

10. Built-in Storage Compartment: The device is designed with a built-in storage compartment, allowing users to conveniently store extra printer paper or accessories within the device itself.

Measurement Range:
- Sphere: -25 D to +25 D
- Cylinder: 0 D to ±10 D
- Axis: 0° to 180°

The LensChek Pro Digital Lensometer offers a comprehensive range of features and measurement capabilities, providing eye care professionals with a reliable and efficient tool for accurate lens assessment during examinations.



LensChek Plus

LensChek Pro

Auto Lens Detection

Modern and Compact Design

Full-Color 5.7” LCD Screen

Measures Soft & Hard Contact Lens

Marking Pens

Green Measurement Light

Internal Thermal Printer

RS-232C Serial Port

Auto Left and Right Lens Detection


PD Measurement - Monocular


PD Measurement - Binocular


UV Transmittance


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