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  • Potec PRK-7000 Autorefractor/Keratometer
  • Refraction and Keratometery Mode
  • Intuitive Diameter Measurement
  • Peripheral Keratometry
  • Touch Screen Control

Potec PRK-7000 AutoRefractor / Keratometer

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Product Description

Experience improved accuracy and convenience in optometry measurements with the PRK-7000. This advanced device offers comprehensive dioptic measurements and keratometry capabilities, providing professionals with precise and reliable results. The PRK-7000 is an excellent choice for optometry professionals seeking accurate and convenient measurements of refraction and keratometry. Its wide measurement range, peripheral keratometry capability, intuitive diameter measurement, IOL compatibility, and touch screen control contribute to an efficient and user-friendly experience, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.

Product Features:

1. Extensive Dioptic Measurement Range: The PRK-7000 can measure dioptic values ranging from -25D to +22D, accommodating a wide range of refractive needs for accurate prescription determination.
2. Peripheral Keratometry: By utilizing peripheral eye fixation lamps, the device enables measurement of peripheral corneal curvatures. This feature is particularly useful for examining irregular astigmatism and facilitating better contact lens fitting.
3. Intuitive Diameter Measurement: With the freeze function, the PRK-7000 allows for precise measurement of corneal diameter, pupil size, or the diameter of a hard contact lens worn by the patient. The measurements can be easily calculated by touching and dragging the screen with a finger, ensuring accuracy and convenience.
4. IOL Measurement: The device includes an IOL (Intraocular Lens) icon that can be switched 'ON' to perform measurements in cases where refraction results may be affected by an intraocular lens or cataract. This feature enhances accuracy in patients with these conditions.
5. Touch Screen Control: Featuring a high-resolution VGA TFT-LCD with touch screen functionality, the PRK-7000 offers a user-friendly interface. With most input keys eliminated, conducting tests is rapid and convenient by simply pressing the corresponding buttons or icons displayed on the screen.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Accuracy: The PRK-7000 ensures improved accuracy in refraction and keratometry measurements, enabling precise prescription determination and better patient outcomes.
- Comprehensive Measurements: With both Refraction and Keratometry modes, professionals can obtain comprehensive data, allowing for a more thorough assessment of the patient's visual needs.
- Peripheral Keratometry Capability: The device's ability to measure peripheral corneal curvatures facilitates the examination of irregular astigmatism and aids in achieving optimal contact lens fitting.
- Intuitive and Efficient Operation: The intuitive diameter measurement function and touch screen control streamline the measurement process, saving time and increasing efficiency during examinations.
- IOL Compatibility: The inclusion of an IOL measurement option ensures accurate results in patients with intraocular lenses or cataracts, enhancing the device's versatility and usefulness.

Technical Details:

- Keratometry Radius of Curvature Range: 5.0mm to 10.2mm
- Measurement Range: Dioptics -25D to +22D
- Display: High-resolution VGA TFT-LCD touch screen
- Control: Joystick for measurement button and chinrest control switches

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