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Product Description

Experience the power of precision with the OCULAR OPR-120 lens, designed for panretinal photocoagulation. This sensory-rich lens offers high resolution and a streamlined shape, simplifying treatment for patients with prominent brows and enabling easy lens manipulation for examination and treatment of the retinal periphery. With the addition of our NEW Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating, this lens delivers even clearer and more enhanced visuals for exceptional performance.

Product Features:

- High Resolution Aspheric Design: The OPR-120 lens features a high resolution aspheric design, ensuring sharp and detailed visualization during panretinal photocoagulation. It allows healthcare professionals to effectively target and treat retinal areas with precision.
- Streamlined Shape: The lens's streamlined shape is specifically designed to simplify treatment for patients with prominent brows. It enables easy lens manipulation, providing healthcare professionals with unobstructed access to the retinal periphery for thorough examination and treatment.
- Comparability with Traditional Rodenstock Pan Fundus Lens: The OPR-120 lens's shape and features are comparable to the traditional Rodenstock Pan Fundus Lens, providing familiarity and ease of transition for healthcare professionals.
- Laserlight® HD Anti-reflective Coating: With the NEW Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating, the lens offers enhanced image quality by minimizing unwanted reflections and optimizing light transmission. This coating ensures exceptional clarity and visual acuity for precise treatment.

Product Benefits:

- Precise Panretinal Photocoagulation: The high resolution aspheric design of the OPR-120 lens enables healthcare professionals to perform panretinal photocoagulation with precision and accuracy, improving treatment outcomes for patients.
- Simplified Treatment for Prominent Brows: The streamlined shape of the lens simplifies treatment for patients with prominent brows, allowing healthcare professionals to manipulate the lens easily and conduct thorough examinations of the retinal periphery.
- Enhanced Visualization: The Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating enhances image quality, providing clear and detailed visualization of the retinal structures. This improves diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy.
- Familiarity and Ease of Use: The OPR-120 lens's shape and features are comparable to the traditional Rodenstock Pan Fundus Lens, ensuring familiarity and facilitating a seamless transition for healthcare professionals.

Technical Details:

- Lens Model: OCULAR OPR-120
- Image Mag: 0.50x
- Laser Spot Mag: 2.00x
- Contact Diameter: 16mm
- Lens Height: 35.5mm
- Static FOV: 120°
- FOV: 136°

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