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Product Description

Experience exceptional precision and effectiveness in the treatment of macular degeneration with the Ocular OPDT lens. This sensory-rich tool is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of this condition, offering a range of benefits that enhance treatment outcomes.

Product Features:

- Broad Treatment Area with High Resolution: The OPDT lens covers a larger treatment area while maintaining high resolution, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the affected macular region and facilitating efficient and effective treatment.
- Optimal Image Contrast: The lens incorporates a unique design that prioritizes optimal image contrast, providing a clear and well-contrasted view of the macular area during treatment. This enhanced image contrast enables accurate administration of treatment and monitoring of its effects.
- Ease of Use: The lens's design focuses on user experience, making it easy to handle and ensuring a comfortable treatment process for healthcare professionals.
- Precise Laser Spot: With a laser spot magnification of 1.60x, the lens enables precise and targeted laser treatments, maximizing therapeutic efficacy in managing macular degeneration.

Product Benefits:

- Comprehensive Treatment Coverage: The OPDT lens's larger treatment area allows for comprehensive coverage of the affected macular region, ensuring efficient treatment and reducing the risk of missing critical areas.
- Enhanced Image Contrast: The lens's emphasis on optimal image contrast enhances visualization of the target area, enabling precise treatment administration and accurate monitoring of treatment effects.
- Improved Treatment Precision: The combination of a broad treatment area, high resolution, and enhanced image contrast allows healthcare professionals to deliver precise and targeted treatment, leading to improved outcomes for patients with macular degeneration.
- User-Friendly Design: The lens's ease of use and comfortable handling contribute to a positive treatment experience for healthcare professionals, promoting workflow efficiency and patient comfort.

Technical Details:

- Lens Model: Ocular OPDT
- Image Mag: 0.63x
- Laser Spot Mag: 1.60x
- Contact Diameter: 15.5mm
- Lens Height: 32.5mm
- Static Gonio FOV: 120°
- Dynamic FOV: 133°

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