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Product Description

Experience the power of precision with the Ocular OMRA-S lens, specifically designed for focal and grid laser treatments in retinal conditions. This exceptional lens brings together high resolution and high magnification capabilities, offering detailed visualization of subtle intra-retinal details and retinal thickening. With its optimized design for the posterior pole to mid-periphery treatments, the OMRA-S lens empowers healthcare professionals to perform laser treatments with confidence, ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective therapy for conditions such as macular edema and retinal vein occlusion. Unlock the potential of precise laser treatments with the Ocular OMRA-S lens.

Product Features:

- High Resolution and High Magnification: The OMRA-S lens combines high resolution and high magnification, enabling healthcare professionals to visualize and assess subtle intra-retinal details and retinal thickening with exceptional clarity. This feature ensures accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
- Optimal Design for Specific Retinal Areas: The lens's design is optimized for treatments from the posterior pole to the mid-periphery of the retina. This focus on specific retinal areas enhances visualization and treatment precision, allowing for targeted laser application.
- Versatility for Various Retinal Conditions: The OMRA-S lens is suitable for treating a range of retinal conditions, including macular edema, retinal vein occlusion, choroidal neovascularization in aging macular degeneration, and presumed ocular histoplasmosis. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for retinal disease management.

Product Benefits:

- Accurate Assessment and Treatment: The high resolution and magnification capabilities of the OMRA-S lens enable healthcare professionals to accurately assess the condition of the retina and make informed decisions regarding the appropriate laser treatment approach. This accuracy contributes to more effective and precise therapy.
- Enhanced Visualization of Subtle Changes: With the OMRA-S lens, healthcare professionals can identify subtle changes within the retina, allowing for early detection and intervention. This capability is crucial for timely and targeted treatment, leading to improved patient outcomes.
- Improved Laser Treatment Success: The OMRA-S lens's combination of high resolution, high magnification, and optimized design ensures precise laser application, increasing the success rate of focal and grid laser treatments. This feature supports better treatment outcomes and the preservation of vision.

Technical Details:

- Lens Model: Ocular OMRA-S
- Image Mag: 0.96x
- Laser Spot Mag: 1.05x
- Contact Diameter: 15.5mm
- Lens Height: 32.5mm
- Static FOV: 90°
- FOV: 121°

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