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Marco Ultra M3 Slit Lamp

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Product Description

The Marco Ultra M3 Slit Lamp embodies Marco's legacy of innovation in slit lamp design and performance, providing a cutting-edge solution for comprehensive examinations. Its advanced features and superior optics elevate the diagnostic experience, ensuring exceptional image quality and precise control.

Product Features:

- Binocular Stereomicroscope with convergent (Greenough) optics for accurate visualization.
- High-luminance LED illumination delivers excellent image quality and enhanced visibility.
- Tower with tilt configuration allows for easy adjustments to suit individual preferences.
- Completely integrated (cable-free) low voltage electronic system ensures seamless operation.

Light Source and Filters:

- LED light source provides single-element, high-luminance illumination for optimal clarity.
- Cobalt Blue, Red-free, Blue LED Correction, and Yellow filters enhance visualization for various applications.

Slit Width and Aperture:

- Continuously adjustable slit width from 0 to 14mm enables precise control of illumination.
- Aperture diaphragm with diameters of 14, 10, 5, 3, 2, 1, and 0.2mm allows for fine-tuned light control and image clarity.

Magnification and Eyepieces:

- Two-power convergent Greenough optics with 10x magnification for detailed examination.
- Option to add 16x eyepieces for increased magnification and closer scrutiny.
- Real Field of View ranges from 18mm to 9.3mm based on the selected eyepieces.

Adjustments and Movement:

- Interpupillary adjustment range of 52-82mm ensures customized viewing for individual comfort.
- Diopter adjustment range of +/- 8 diopters (with 10x eyepieces) or +/- 10 diopters (with 16x eyepieces) caters to individual visual correction.
- Horizontal coarse movement of 105mm and fine movement of 15mm for precise positioning.
- Vertical movement of 30mm facilitates accurate examination and patient comfort.

Additional Features:

- Flexible arm with a red LED fixation light source for added convenience during examinations.
- Option to include a large patient chin rest for optimal comfort during diagnostic procedures.
- Chinrest elevation of 95mm provides convenient access and patient positioning.

Power and Weight:

- Power supply range of AC100V-240V (+/-10%) ensures compatibility in various settings.
- Power consumption of DC5V 2A for efficient energy usage.
- Weight of 12.5kg ensures stability during examinations and allows for easy portability.

The Marco Ultra M3 Slit Lamp redefines the standards of slit lamp examinations, offering exceptional performance, versatility, and user-friendly features. With its high-quality optics, advanced LED illumination, and comprehensive adjustment options, it empowers clinicians to conduct accurate and detailed diagnostics with utmost confidence.

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