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  • Marco G2 Slit Lamp

Marco G2 Ultra Slit Lamp

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Product Description

Experience a new era in diagnostic observation with the Marco G2 Ultra Slit Lamp. This modernized slit lamp features a cutting-edge optical design and a multi-layered, multi-coated system that maximizes light transmission, resulting in a remarkable 20% increase in optical resolution and clarity. The breakthrough optical quality of the Ultra Series also enhances light transmission by 20%, expands the field of view by 15%, and increases the depth of field by 14%. A single glimpse through the optics of the Ultra Series slit lamp is all it takes to realize the advancements in diagnostic precision and visualization.

Product Features:

- Enhanced Optical Design: The Marco G2 Ultra Slit Lamp incorporates a modernized optical design and a multi-layered, multi-coated system, delivering a measurable 20% increase in optical resolution and clarity.
- Improved Light Transmission: Experience a 20% increase in light transmission, allowing for brighter and clearer visualization of eye structures.
- Expanded Field of View: The Ultra Series offers a 15% expanded field of view, providing a wider perspective during examinations.
- Increased Depth of Field: Benefit from a 14% increase in depth of field, enabling a greater range of focus and enhanced visualization of eye structures.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Diagnostic Observation: The Marco G2 Ultra Slit Lamp's advanced optical quality allows for exceptionally natural and detailed views, facilitating accurate diagnoses.
- Improved Visualization: The increased optical resolution, light transmission, field of view, and depth of field result in superior visualization of eye structures, ensuring accurate observations.
- Easy-to-Use Controls: The slit angle, width, height, and filter placement, as well as other adjustments, are conveniently controlled within a single hand's reach, allowing for efficient and precise customization.
- Versatile Illumination: The built-in cobalt-blue, red-free, and heat-absorbing filters can be easily selected as desired, providing flexible illumination options for various examination needs.
- User-Friendly Operation: The single joystick controls both elevation and horizontal positioning, offering enhanced ease of use, while the conveniently located rheostat allows for quick adjustments.

Technical Details:

- Magnification Options: 10x, 16x, and 25x
- Optical System: 6 o converging binocular tubes with high-eyepoint, wide-field eyepieces, and Galilean magnification changer
- Illumination: Halogen illumination (standard)
- Slit Height: Continuously adjustable from 1mm to 14mm, with premeasured fixed aperture diaphragms
- Slit Width: Continuously variable from 0 to 14mm, the largest light-source aperture in the industry
- Filters: Built-in cobalt-blue, red-free, and heat-absorbing filters
- Controls: Single joystick for elevation and horizontal positioning, with a conveniently located rheostat
- Additional Options: Tonometer mount, Hruby lens kit, video kit, assistantscope, and patient handrests are available.

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