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Keeler Vista Transilluminator 3.5v

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Product Description

Illuminate the path to early detection with the Keeler Vista Transilluminator 3.5v, a powerful medical device designed to aid in the identification of intraocular tumors. This transilluminator, specifically the Keeler Finoff model, harnesses the power of light to illuminate the fundus, allowing healthcare professionals to assess ocular abnormalities in patients with cloudy media. By providing clear visibility and enabling early detection, this transilluminator enhances diagnostic capabilities and facilitates appropriate management for improved patient outcomes.The Keeler Vista Transilluminator 3.5v empowers healthcare professionals with a valuable tool for the early detection of intraocular tumors. By illuminating the fundus and enhancing visibility, this transilluminator aids in the comprehensive assessment of ocular conditions in patients with cloudy media, enabling timely interventions and improved patient care.

Product Features:

- Keeler Finoff Model: The transilluminator is designed with the Keeler Finoff model, specifically created for illuminating the fundus through the sclera.
- Illumination of the Fundus: By directing light through the sclera, the transilluminator enables the illumination of the fundus, providing visibility for assessing intraocular tumors.
- Diagnostic Tool: The device serves as a diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals to identify abnormalities in patients with cloudy media, aiding in the early detection of intraocular tumors.
- Red Reflex Assessment: The transilluminator helps healthcare providers evaluate the red reflex from the fundus, allowing for the identification of any dimming or reduction caused by tumor obstruction.

Product Benefits:

- Early Detection: By illuminating the fundus and facilitating visual assessment, the transilluminator supports early detection of intraocular tumors, leading to timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.
- Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities: The device enhances healthcare professionals' diagnostic capabilities by providing clear visibility of ocular abnormalities in patients with cloudy media, enabling appropriate management and treatment planning.
- Versatility: The transilluminator can be utilized in cases where the presence of intraocular tumors is suspected, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of ocular conditions.

Technical Details:

- Power: 3.5v
- Model: Keeler Finoff
- Illumination Method: Directs light through the sclera
- Application: Fundus illumination for assessment of intraocular tumors
- Compatibility: Designed for use in cases where the presence of tumors is suspected in patients with cloudy media

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