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Heine 3.5v Finoff Transilluminator Standard Connection

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Product Description

Illuminate your examinations with the Heine 3.5V Finoff Transilluminator, a powerful tool designed for scleral transillumination. This device provides exceptional clarity and precision, allowing you to visualize and assess the underlying structures of the eye with ease. With options for both regular and twistlock connectors, the Heine Finoff Transilluminator offers versatility and compatibility to suit your specific needs.

Product Features:

- Scleral Transillumination: The Heine Finoff Transilluminator is specifically designed for scleral transillumination, enabling you to examine the eye's internal structures by passing light through the sclera.
- High Illumination Power: This device delivers a powerful 3.5V illumination, ensuring bright and clear visualization for accurate assessments.
- Connector Options: Choose between a regular connector or a twistlock connector, providing flexibility and compatibility with a variety of handle options.
- Easy to Use: The Heine Finoff Transilluminator is simple to operate, allowing for efficient and hassle-free examinations.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Visibility: Experience improved visibility and detail when examining the eye's structures, enabling you to make accurate diagnoses and informed treatment decisions.
- Versatile Compatibility: With options for regular and twistlock connectors, the Heine Finoff Transilluminator can be used with a range of compatible handles, offering flexibility and convenience.
- Reliable Performance: Heine is known for manufacturing high-quality medical devices, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in clinical settings.

Technical Details:

- Light Source: 3.5V illumination for bright and powerful light output.
- Connector Options: Available with a regular or twistlock connector, allowing compatibility with various handle options.
- Handle: The Heine 3.5V Finoff Transilluminator does not include a handle, which can be purchased separately.
- Alternative Version: A 2.5V version of the transilluminator is also available for different preferences or requirements.

Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with the Heine 3.5V Finoff Transilluminator. Its superior illumination, connector options, and user-friendly design make it a valuable tool for ophthalmologists and eye care professionals. Please note that the handle is not included and can be selected separately to complete your setup.

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