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  • Keeler All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless - with Convertible Technology!

Keeler All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless - with Convertible Technology!

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KE-N-All Pupil II Slimline
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Product Description

Introducing the Keeler All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless with Convertible Technology, a cutting-edge device that revolutionizes examination experiences. This advanced instrument combines the benefits of LED illumination, wireless functionality, and convertible options, offering convenience, brightness, and comfort in one package. With outstanding brightness, lightweight design, and intuitive controls, the All Pupil II enhances your examinations and ensures optimal viewing conditions. The wireless feature provides freedom of movement, while the convertible technology allows you to choose between LED and traditional bulb illumination. Experience the future of indirect ophthalmoscopy with the Keeler All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless.

Product Features:

- Kit Includes: The All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless kit comes complete with a headset, charger, and two batteries, providing everything you need for seamless examinations.
- LED Illumination & Slimline Polymer Battery: The All Pupil II offers the flexibility to choose between a neutral 4,000K LED module or a 3,800K Xenon traditional bulb, all in one product. The slimline lithium polymer battery is lightweight and ensures optimal performance and comfort.
- Outstanding Brightness: With a powerful 2000 lux of light, the All Pupil II provides maximum illumination for challenging cases. The adjustable illumination allows for precise control, ensuring optimal viewing conditions in various clinical situations.
- Lightweight and Comfortable - Go Wireless: Weighing only 520 grams, the All Pupil II is designed for exceptional comfort. The extra-padded headband ensures a comfortable fit during extended examinations. The wireless functionality provides freedom of movement, enhancing convenience and flexibility.
- Slimline Lithium Polymer Battery: The All Pupil II comes with the lightest and smallest wireless battery available. The kit includes two batteries and a charging system, ensuring continuous power supply for uninterrupted examinations.
- Simple Controls: The unique single control mechanism of the All Pupil II enables easy aperture size and position adjustments in one smooth movement. This intuitive design allows for seamless viewing through all pupil sizes, enhancing workflow efficiency.
- IR and UV Barrier: Equipped with a built-in full-time IR and UV barrier, the All Pupil II prioritizes patient protection and safety throughout the examination.
- PD Range: The All Pupil II accommodates a wide range of pupillary distances, from 47mm to 75mm, providing versatility for various patients.

Technical Details:

- Device Type: LED Slimline Wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscope
- Weight: 520 grams
- Illumination: 2000 lux (adjustable down to 2%)
- PD Range: 47mm to 75mm

Experience the convenience, brightness, and comfort of the Keeler All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless with Convertible Technology. With its advanced features and innovative design, this instrument sets a new standard for wireless indirect ophthalmoscopy, empowering practitioners and improving patient care.

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