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  • Keeler Vantage Plus Convertible (LED & Xenon) Slimline Wireless.
- Wireless Unit
- Slimline Battery with Charger and 2 Batterires
- Includes HiMag Lens and dimmer control
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Keeler Vantage Plus Convertible (LED & Xenon) Slimline Wireless

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KE-N-Vantage Plus Wireless
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Product Description

Introducing the Keeler Vantage Plus Convertible Slimline Wireless Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO), a cutting-edge instrument that combines advanced convertible technology, an intelligent optical system, and the freedom of wireless operation. This remarkable ophthalmoscope offers exceptional examination capabilities with its innovative features, ensuring superior image quality, convenience, and comfort for comprehensive retinal assessments.

Product Features:

- Convertible Technology: The Vantage Plus BIO provides the option to choose between a neutral 4,000K LED and a traditional 3,800K bulb within the same device. This convertible technology allows effortless adaptation to different examination requirements, offering longer lifespan, better contrast, and whiter light with the LED option.
- Intelligent Optical System (IOS): The patented IOS mechanism ensures a seamless process when changing the aperture. The optics and mirrors automatically adjust, eliminating the need for flipping additional levers. This one-step movement powered by the IOS mechanism provides three-dimensional stereoscopic views of the retina across all pupil sizes.
- New IOS Optic System: The Vantage Plus features new high contrast optics that deliver superior image quality. The compact design and Xenon illumination provide crisp and glare-free views of the retina, ensuring optimal visualization during examinations.
- Lightweight and Compact: This instrument is 15% lighter and 20% smaller than previous models due to advanced textured engineering materials. Despite the reduction in size and weight, the Vantage Plus maintains Keeler's renowned reputation for robustness, reliability, and quality.
- Comfortable and Perfectly Balanced: The Vantage Plus is designed for maximum comfort with a soft cushioned headband that adjusts and balances perfectly for all head shapes and sizes. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing for fatigue-free use even during extended examination sessions.
- Unique - Go Wireless Patented Technology: The Vantage Plus Go Wireless feature eliminates the constraints of wires and cords, providing freedom of movement between rooms. This impressive wireless technology offers convenience and flexibility for practitioners.
- Double the Life of Your Battery: The Vantage Plus offers extended battery life, doubling the capacity for those who perform examinations throughout the day. This ensures that practitioners always have sufficient power when needed.
- PD Range: The Vantage Plus accommodates a wide pupillary distance (PD) range of 48mm to 76mm, allowing for versatile use across various patient populations.

Product Benefits:

- Adaptability to Examination Requirements: The convertible technology provides flexibility to choose the appropriate lighting option for different examination needs, offering improved contrast and lighting capabilities.
- Effortless Aperture Change: The intelligent optical system eliminates the need for flipping levers when changing apertures, simplifying the examination process and saving time.
- Superior Image Quality: The new high contrast optics system delivers high-quality, glare-free views of the retina, ensuring exceptional visualization during retinal assessments.
- Portability and Durability: The lightweight and compact design of the Vantage Plus enhances portability without compromising on the instrument's robustness and reliability.
- Enhanced Comfort: The cushioned headband and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable fit, allowing practitioners to conduct examinations for extended periods without discomfort.
- Freedom of Movement: The wireless technology eliminates the constraints of wires and cords, providing practitioners with the freedom to move between rooms during examinations.
- Extended Battery Life: The Vantage Plus offers double the battery capacity, ensuring uninterrupted operation for practitioners who perform examinations throughout the day.
- Versatile Use: The wide pupillary distance range accommodates various patient populations, providing versatility and convenience during examinations

Technical Details:

- Convertible Technology: LED (4,000K) and traditional bulb (3,800K) options.
- PD Range: 48mm to 76mm.

Discover the Keeler Vantage Plus Convertible Slimline Wireless BIO, an exceptional instrument that combines advanced technology, convenience, and comfort, providing superior examination capabilities for comprehensive retinal assessments. Experience the freedom of wireless operation, superior image quality, and unmatched convenience with this innovative ophthalmoscope.

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