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Keeler AccuTip Covers 300 Pack - Individually Wrapped & Sleeved

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Product Description

Experience the utmost safety and hygiene with the AccuTip Tonometer Tip Covers. These covers are designed to prevent cross-infection and provide optimal protection for your patients. Each AccuTip cover is carefully sleeved with a cardboard insert, ensuring its integrity and cleanliness. Individually packaged and sanitized, these covers offer peace of mind and convenience. With a box containing 300 covers, you can confidently maintain a sterile environment during tonometer examinations. Compatible with the AccuPen or Reichert TonoPen® handheld tonometers, these AccuTip covers safeguard against contaminated tonometer tips, prioritizing patient safety and infection prevention.


- Individually Packaged: Each AccuTip cover is individually packaged, ensuring its cleanliness and integrity.
- Sanitized: The covers are sanitized, providing a hygienic barrier against contamination.
- Sleeved with Cardboard Insert: Each cover is sleeved with a cardboard insert, maintaining its shape and protection during storage and transportation.
- Box of 300: The AccuTip covers come in a box containing 300 covers, offering a sufficient supply for multiple examinations.
- Compatible with AccuPen and Reichert TonoPen®: These covers are specifically designed for use with the AccuPen or Reichert TonoPen® handheld tonometers, ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance.


- Cross-Infection Prevention: By using the AccuTip tonometer tip covers, you can effectively prevent cross-infection and protect your patients from potential contamination.
- Sterile Environment: The individually packaged and sanitized covers maintain a sterile environment during tonometer examinations, ensuring the highest level of hygiene.
- Convenient and Easy to Use: The covers are individually packaged and ready for immediate use, offering convenience and saving time during the examination process.
- Patient Safety: With the AccuTip covers, you prioritize the safety of your patients by providing a reliable barrier against contaminated tonometer tips.
- Infection Prevention: By using these covers, you actively contribute to infection prevention protocols and maintain a safe clinical environment.

Technical Details:

- Packaging: Individually packaged covers with a cardboard insert
- Quantity: Box of 300 covers
- Compatibility: Designed for use with the AccuPen or Reichert TonoPen® handheld tonometers

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