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K2 3 Position Table - 24" x 46" Top

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in a world of adaptability and convenience with the K2 3 Position Table. With its 24" x 46" top, this table is designed to provide optimal conditions for medical and scientific instrumentation, enhancing your work experience. Experience the K2 3 Position Table with its height adjustability, ACP Technology, and wheelchair accessibility. Explore its versatility and user-friendly design, allowing for seamless adaptation, enhanced accessibility, and reliable performance in various medical and scientific applications.

Product Features:

- Height Adjustable: Customize the table's height effortlessly to match your specific needs and preferences, ensuring ergonomic comfort and creating an ideal working environment.
- ACP Technology: Embrace the flexibility of Adaptive Column Positioning (ACP) Technology, allowing for easy adaptation and interchangeability of instrument configurations. Configure the table to accommodate center-mounted, far-left, far-right, mid-left, or mid-right column positions, catering to various instrument requirements.
- Wheelchair Accessible: Ensure inclusivity and accessibility with a table designed to be wheelchair accessible. Remove barriers for individuals with mobility challenges, enabling them to effortlessly use the table.
- Convenient Control Panel: Discover the control panel conveniently located at the operator's side, providing easy access for adjusting the table's height. Effortlessly control and adapt the table to suit your preferences.
- Sturdy Lift Capacity: Rely on the table's high lift capacity of 275 lbs, guaranteeing stability and durability. Accommodate heavier instruments or equipment with confidence.

Product Benefits:

- Adaptability: The K2 table's ACP Technology allows for seamless adaptation to various instrument configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
- Convenience: Enjoy the ease and convenience of adjusting the table's height, creating an ergonomic and comfortable working environment tailored to your needs.
- Accessibility: With wheelchair accessibility, the table ensures easy access and usability for individuals with mobility challenges, promoting inclusivity and diversity.
- Reliable Performance: The table's robust lift capacity provides stability and durability, accommodating heavier instruments or equipment with ease.

Technical Details:

- Table Top Dimensions: 24" x 46"

ADA Tax Credit Eligibility:

-This table meets ADA tax compliance requirements, making customers potentially eligible for a tax credit of up to 50%. For more information visit the official ADA website at:

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