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ION ezView 90D Lens

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional image quality and unparalleled clarity with the ION ezView 90D Lens. This remarkable lens is designed to provide an unmatched viewing experience, offering superior benefits and features. Its all-glass construction, combined with an exclusive broadband anti-reflective coating, ensures exceptional clarity and enhanced stereopsis. With outstanding capabilities for examining small pupils, this lens opens up a new dimension of precision and detail. Elevate your examination and procedure capabilities with the ION ezView 90D Lens. Its exceptional image quality, expansive viewing range, and superior performance make it the perfect companion for professionals seeking clarity and precision in their practice. Experience the benefits of this outstanding lens and embark on a journey of enhanced vision and unparalleled detail.

Product Features:

- All-Glass Design: The ION ezView 90D Lens features an all-glass construction, delivering exceptional image quality and clarity.
- Broadband Anti-Reflective Coating: The lens is equipped with an exclusive broadband anti-reflective coating, minimizing reflections and maximizing clarity.
- Expansive Viewing Range: With a viewing range of 89 degrees, this lens provides a wide field of view for comprehensive examinations.
- Image Magnification: The lens offers an image magnification of 0.76x, allowing for detailed examination and precise evaluation.
- Laser Spot Magnification: With a laser spot magnification of 1.32x, this lens ensures accurate and precise laser procedures.

Product Benefits:

- Superior Image Quality: Experience unparalleled image quality and clarity with the ION ezView 90D Lens, thanks to its all-glass design and anti-reflective coating.
- Enhanced Stereopsis: The lens enhances stereopsis, allowing for a more accurate assessment of depth and spatial relationships.
- Outstanding Capabilities for Small Pupils: This lens excels in examining small pupils, providing exceptional visibility and detail.
- Convenient Shipping: Enjoy the convenience of free shipping within the continental US when you purchase the eZView 90D lens.
- Versatile Performance: Whether you require comprehensive examinations or precise procedures, this lens delivers outstanding performance and versatility.

Technical Details:

- Lens Type: Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
- Viewing Range: 89 degrees
- Image Magnification: 0.76x
- Laser Spot Magnification: 1.32x
- Compatibility: Suitable for use with compatible ophthalmic instruments

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