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Volk Classic 90D Slit Lamp Lens

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Product Description

The Volk 90D Classic Slit Lamp lens is a versatile lens designed for general diagnosis and examinations with small pupils. It offers a range of features and benefits that enhance imaging and provide convenience:

Patented Double Aspheric Glass Optics: The lens incorporates patented double aspheric glass optics, which contribute to enhanced imaging. This advanced optical design ensures clarity and sharpness, allowing for detailed visualization of the ocular structures during examinations.

Revolutionary Fundus Examination: The Volk 90D lens revolutionized slit lamp fundus examination. It has been widely recognized and used as a standard tool for fundoscopy, providing healthcare professionals with valuable insights into the posterior segment of the eye.

Small Diameter Ring for Dynamic Fundoscopy: The lens features a small diameter ring that is ideal for dynamic fundoscopy. It allows for easy manipulation and precise control during examinations, facilitating a thorough evaluation of the fundus.

Outstanding General Diagnostic Lens: The Volk 90D lens excels as a general diagnostic lens, even when dealing with small pupils. Its optical performance and versatility make it a reliable tool for a wide range of diagnostic procedures, enabling comprehensive assessments of the eye's structures.

FREE Engraving Option: As an added benefit, customers can enjoy FREE engraving of up to 10 characters on the lens. This personalized engraving feature allows for easy identification and customization, making the lens more convenient and uniquely yours.

With its patented double aspheric glass optics, reputation for revolutionizing fundus examination, small diameter ring for dynamic fundoscopy, outstanding general diagnostic capabilities, and the option for FREE engraving, the Volk 90D Classic Slit Lamp lens offers a reliable and versatile solution for various ocular examinations and diagnostics.

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