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Heine Transilluminator Bulb (AV Handle)*

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Product Description

Illuminate your examinations with the Heine XHL Xenon Halogen 3.5V Bulb designed for the Heine Transilluminator / Finoff with an AV / Bayonette style connection. Experience superior performance and cost-effectiveness with this Heine-manufactured bulb, providing long-lasting illumination for your medical instruments. With its extended lifespan and optimal performance, this bulb ensures reliable and efficient lighting during your examinations.

Product Features:

- XHL Xenon Halogen Bulb: Equipped with XHL technology for bright and clear illumination.
- 3.5V Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with 3.5V instruments.
- AV / Bayonette Style Connection: Features a convenient AV / Bayonette style connection for easy installation.
- Long Life: Offers an extended bulb lifespan, lasting up to 50% longer than other bulbs.
- Optimum Performance: Delivers optimal performance with consistent and reliable lighting.
- Cost-Effectiveness: Long-lasting bulb lifespan reduces the frequency of replacements, resulting in cost savings.

Product Benefits:

- Superior Illumination: The XHL Xenon Halogen technology ensures bright and clear illumination, enhancing visibility during examinations.
- Compatibility: Designed specifically for Heine Transilluminator / Finoff instruments with an AV / Bayonette style connection, ensuring proper fit and functionality.
- Extended Lifespan: Lasts up to 50% longer than other bulbs, providing prolonged usage and reducing the need for frequent replacements.
- Reliable Performance: Offers consistent and reliable lighting, maintaining consistent illumination for accurate examinations.
- Cost Savings: Longer bulb lifespan results in cost savings by reducing the frequency of bulb replacements.

Technical Details:

- Bulb Type: XHL Xenon Halogen
- Voltage: 3.5V
- Connection Type: AV / Bayonette Style
- Lifespan: Lasts up to 50% longer than other bulbs
- Compatibility: Designed for Heine Transilluminator / Finoff with AV / Bayonette style connection

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