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Essilor epi-c Plus Solution

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Product Description

Experience the transformative power of the Essilor epi-c Plus Solution, a comprehensive dermatological solution that combines OPE IPL and LM LLLT technologies. This advanced device provides effective and painless care for inflammatory skin conditions on the upper face, periorbital area, and eyelids. With its durable construction and versatile treatment options, the epi-c Plus Solution delivers optimal results for patients. Unlock the power of the Essilor epi-c Plus Solution and provide effective and painless care for inflammatory skin conditions. With its advanced technologies and versatile treatment options, this solution offers optimal results and a cost-effective solution for dermatological care. Please remember to follow recommended guidelines and seek the supervision of medical professionals when using the epi-c Plus Solution and its associated therapies.

Product Features:

- OPE IPL Technology: Offers painless treatment options for inflammatory skin conditions, improving blood circulation, dissipating blood vessels, and enhancing the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines.
- LM LLLT Technology: Utilized for the periorbital area, stimulates endogenous heating, normalizing glands. Provides Red, Blue, and Yellow LM® LLLT wavelengths for effective treatment of inflammation, wrinkles, and acne.
- Comfortable Therapy: LM LLLT therapy is non-invasive and stress-free, utilizing light modulation to enhance cellular action and trigger endogenous heat.
- Automated Software: Calculates therapy duration, typically a painless and non-contact 15-minute application. LED mask covers the entire periorbital area for comprehensive treatment.
- Upgradeable System: Allows for instrument and software upgrades, ensuring access to the latest generation of equipment.
- Cost-Effective: Minimal economic commitment and low per-patient costs make LM LLLT an efficient and affordable dermatological treatment solution.

Product Benefits:

- Effective Inflammatory Skin Care: OPE IPL technology improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation, providing relief for conditions such as acne.
- Versatile Treatment Options: LM LLLT technology targets various dermatologic conditions, including inflammation, wrinkles, and acne, ensuring comprehensive care.
- Pain-Free Experience: LM LLLT therapy is comfortable and non-invasive, offering a stress-free treatment experience for patients.
- Efficient and Time-Saving: Automated software calculates therapy duration, optimizing treatment time for practitioners and patients.
- Upgradeable System: Access to instrument and software upgrades ensures practitioners have the latest advancements in dermatological treatment.
- Cost-Effective Solution: Minimal economic commitment and low per-patient costs make the epi-c Plus Solution a practical choice for practitioners.

Technical Details:

- Manufacturer: Essilor
- Dermatological Solution
- OPE IPL (Optimized Pulsed Light Intense Pulsed Light) Technology
- LM LLLT (Light Modulation Low-level Light Therapy) Technology
- Treatment Areas: Upper face, periorbital area, and eyelids
- Treatment Duration: Typically 15 minutes per session
- LED Mask: Covers the entire periorbital area
- Upgradable Operating System: Ensures access to the latest generation of equipment
- Recommended Use: According to guidelines and under the supervision of medical professionals

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