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Essilor AKR800 Auto Kerato-Refractometer

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Product Description

Experience the power of efficiency and reliability with the AKR 800 auto kerato-refractometer. This invaluable tool allows for seamless and precise objective refractions and keratometry measurements, providing a comprehensive range of complementary assessments. From automatic peripheral keratometry to retro-illumination imaging, the AKR 800 offers a wealth of capabilities for enhanced eye evaluations, including contact lens fitting and media-opacity screening. The AKR 800 auto kerato-refractometer is a trusted companion for eye care professionals. With its efficiency, reliability, user-friendly design, and advanced features, it enables accurate assessments and aids in selecting personalized visual solutions. Unleash the full potential of your eye evaluations with the AKR 800.

Product Features:

- User-Friendly and Fully Automatic:
- Designed for ease of use and operator convenience
- Streamlined functionality ensures efficient measurements

- Additional Measurements:
- Automatic peripheral keratometry: Comprehensive evaluation of corneal shape and curvature
- White-to-white measurement: Precise assessment of corneal diameter
- Retro-illumination imaging: Detailed visualization of ocular structures

- Night Vision Measurement Function:
- Enables assessments in low-light conditions
- Provides accurate measurements regardless of lighting environment

- Accommodation Evaluation Feature:
- Assesses the focusing ability of patients
- Facilitates selection of suitable visual solutions

Product Benefits:

- Efficient and Dependable Assessments: Offers fast and reliable objective refractions and keratometry measurements
- Comprehensive Eye Assessments: Additional measurements allow for thorough evaluations, especially for contact lens fitting and media-opacity screening
- User-Friendly Design: Easy to operate and navigate for seamless usage
- Advanced Features: Night vision measurement function for low-light assessments and accommodation evaluation for personalized solutions

Technical Details:

- Device Type: Auto kerato-refractometer
- Measurements: Objective refractions, keratometry, peripheral keratometry, white-to-white measurement, retro-illumination imaging
- Additional Features: Night vision measurement function, accommodation evaluation

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