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Canon CR-2 AF Non-Myd Retinal Camera

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$250.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Immerse yourself in the world of advanced retinal imaging with the Canon CR-2 AF Non-Myd Retinal Camera. This comprehensive package offers everything you need for exceptional retinal examinations. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly design, the CR-2 AF simplifies image capture and exporting, providing clear and detailed images for accurate diagnosis and detection of ocular conditions and diseases. The camera's revolutionary technology, including Canon Opacity Suppression (COS), ensures enhanced image quality by suppressing ocular opacities, revealing vital clinical information previously inaccessible. Experience the convenience of auto-focus, auto-capture, and auto-exposure, while the image error detection software confirms alignment and focus accuracy. With its high resolution, wide-angle views, and digital filter processing, the CR-2 AF empowers healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional care with ease and precision.


- Canon Opacity Suppression (COS): Revolutionary image processing technology that suppresses ocular opacities, improving image quality and revealing previously inaccessible clinical information.
- Auto-Focus with Manual Alignment Override: Allows for precise focusing with the option to switch to manual focus if desired.
- Auto-Capture Functionality: Automatically captures the image once the eye is properly focused.
- Auto-Exposure: Adjusts flash intensity based on infrared light volume at the retina.
- Auto-Fundus Mode: Seamlessly switches from external eye observation to retinal observation when alignment is achieved.
- Image Error Detection Software: Confirms correct alignment and focus, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
- Contrast Enhancement: Emphasizes differences in blood vessel structures for improved image clarity.
- 20.2-Megapixel Ultra-High Resolution: Delivers excellent color, detail, and contrast for enhanced diagnosis and detection of ocular conditions and diseases.
- Wide-Angle Views: Provides a comprehensive view of the retina.
- Digital Filter Processing: Includes digital red-free and digital cobalt modes for extracting specific elements from color images.
- Quick Preview Feature: Enables immediate image preview on the dedicated EOS camera after capture.
- Low Flash Intensity: Enhances patient comfort and minimizes miosis for faster exams.
- Wide Range of ISO Speeds: Supports low ISO speeds from ISO 200 to ISO 6400.

Technical Details:

- Camera Model: Canon CR-2 AF
- Resolution: 20.2 megapixels
- Software: Included imageSPECTRUM Image Management System software (additional filter views available)
- Patient Comfort: Low flash intensity and wide range of ISO speeds
- Package Includes: Canon CR2 AF camera, computer, monitor, software, onsite installation and training, and a full year warranty

Experience the power of the Canon CR-2 AF Non-Myd Retinal Camera as it revolutionizes your retinal examinations. From its advanced image processing technology to its comprehensive features, this camera empowers you to capture exceptional images with ease. Enhance your diagnostic capabilities and provide top-quality care with the CR-2 AF, backed by Canon's renowned reliability and a full year warranty.

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