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  • Canon CX1 Hybrid Camera

Canon CX-1 Digital Hybrid Retinal Camera

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Product Description

Experience the versatility and advanced imaging capabilities of the Canon CX-1 Digital Hybrid Retinal Camera. This compact and portable camera combines Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic modes, offering exceptional flexibility in retinal imaging. With its 5 photography modes including color, FAG, red-free, cobalt, and FAF (Fundus Auto Fluorescence), the CX-1 is ideal for screening and diagnosing various eye diseases. Its innovative features, such as the use of EOS technology and FAF imaging even in Non-Mydriatic mode, make it a powerful tool for comprehensive retinal assessment.

Product Features:

- Digital Retinal Camera: The CX-1 utilizes a high-quality digital camera for precise and detailed retinal imaging.
- Hybrid Camera: Combining Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic Modes, the CX-1 allows for screening and diagnosis of multiple eye diseases with a single unit, saving time and reducing the need for repeat appointments.
- 5 Photography Modes: The CX-1 offers five photography modes, including color, red-free, cobalt, fluorescein angiography, and FAF, providing comprehensive imaging capabilities.
- FAF Imaging: Fundus Auto Fluorescence (FAF) imaging helps detect and assess the health of the retina, and the CX-1 enables FAF imaging even in Non-Mydriatic mode.
- Use of EOS Technology: Canon's EOS camera technology, known for its image processing capabilities, is adapted for medical use in the CX-1, ensuring optimal retinal imaging quality.
- Enhanced Stereo Photography Function: The CX-1 features an enhanced stereo photography function that simplifies the capture of stereo views, allowing for more detailed observation and analysis.
- Bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software: The bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software (RICS) offers full camera control, image optimization, and diagnostic tools for efficient workflow and patient management.
- Open Connectivity and DICOM Compliant: The CX-1 is fully DICOM compliant and provides open connectivity with existing networks, allowing for seamless integration into medical imaging systems.

Product Benefits:

- Versatile Imaging Capabilities: The CX-1's 5 photography modes and FAF imaging in Non-Mydriatic mode enable comprehensive retinal assessment for effective disease diagnosis and monitoring.
- Time and Cost Savings: By combining Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic modes, the CX-1 eliminates the need for multiple devices and repeat appointments, saving time and reducing equipment investment.
- High-Quality Imaging: The use of EOS technology and a high-resolution digital camera ensures clear and detailed retinal images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
- Streamlined Workflow: The bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software (RICS) and diagnostic tools optimize workflow, making image management and patient care more efficient.
- Seamless Integration: The CX-1's open connectivity and DICOM compliance allow for easy integration with existing networks and medical imaging systems.

Technical Details:

- Photography Modes: Color, FAG, Red-free, Cobalt, Fundus Auto Fluorescence (FAF)
- Use of Technology: EOS camera technology adapted for medical use
- Stereo Photography: Enhanced stereo photography function for easy capture of stereo views
- Retinal Imaging Control Software: Bundled software for camera control, image optimization, and diagnostic tools
- Connectivity: Open connectivity with existing networks, fully DICOM compliant

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