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  • Optec 360 Halogen Bulb

Copeland Optec 360 Halogen Bulb

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Product Description

Illuminate your Optec 360 Retinoscope with the high-performance Copeland Optec 360 Halogen Bulb. Specifically designed for use with the Optec 360 Retinoscope, this halogen bulb delivers a bright and focused light, allowing for precise and accurate examinations. It is crucial to ensure compatibility with a 3.6V battery when replacing the bulb to guarantee the necessary power supply. Following the provided instructions by Optec, you can safely replace the bulb, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance for reliable retinoscopy.

Product Features:

- Designed for Optec 360 Retinoscope: The Copeland Optec 360 Halogen Bulb is specifically tailored to fit and function seamlessly with the Optec 360 Retinoscope, ensuring reliable and accurate illumination during examinations.
- Bright and Focused Light: This halogen bulb provides a bright and focused light output, allowing for clear visualization and precise measurements.
- Compatibility: Compatible only with a 3.6V battery, ensuring the correct power supply for the Optec 360 Retinoscope.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Examination Experience: The Copeland Optec 360 Halogen Bulb illuminates the Optec 360 Retinoscope with a bright and focused light, enabling detailed examinations and accurate assessments of the eye.
- Long-lasting Performance: By using genuine parts and replacing the bulb as needed, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Optec 360 Retinoscope.
- Safety and Care: Following the instructions provided by Optec for bulb replacement ensures safe handling and prevents damage or reduced performance. Avoid touching the glass surface of the bulb to maintain its quality.

Technical Details:

- Bulb Type: Halogen bulb
- Compatibility: Designed for use with the Optec 360 Retinoscope
- Battery Requirement: Compatible only with a 3.6V battery

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