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Halogen Projector Bulb

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Product Description

Elevate your projection experience with the Halogen Projector Bulb. This high-quality halogen bulb is designed to enhance the performance of projectors equipped with a halogen conversion kit. Compatible with various projector models, it serves as an ideal replacement bulb. The equivalent part numbers for this bulb are 64440 and JC12V50WGG2. With its advanced halogen technology, this bulb delivers bright and clear illumination, ensuring a high-quality projection with vivid colors and sharp details. Whether you're replacing a worn-out bulb or upgrading your projector or eye chart, this halogen bulb is a reliable choice that guarantees an exceptional visual experience.

Product Features:

- Halogen Technology: The Halogen Projector Bulb utilizes advanced halogen technology, providing bright and clear illumination for a superior projection experience.
- Wide Compatibility: This bulb is compatible with projectors that have a halogen conversion kit installed, making it suitable for a range of projector models.
- Replacement Bulb: Designed as a reliable replacement bulb, it offers a seamless upgrade to your existing projector or eye chart system.

Product Benefits:

- High-Quality Projection: With its bright and clear illumination, the Halogen Projector Bulb enhances the quality of your projections, delivering vivid colors and sharp details.
- Reliable Performance: This bulb ensures consistent and reliable performance, making it an excellent choice for long hours of projection.
- Versatile Usage: Whether you need to replace a worn-out bulb or upgrade your projector or eye chart system, this halogen bulb is a versatile solution that meets your needs.

Technical Details:

- Bulb Type: Halogen
- Compatibility: Compatible with projectors with a halogen conversion kit
- Equivalent Part Numbers: 64440, JC12V50WGG2

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