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  • TX-20 Auto-Tonometer
  • TX-20 Auto-Tonometer

Canon TX-20 Auto-Tonometer

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Product Description

Experience the convenience and accuracy of the Canon TX-20 Auto-Tonometer, the latest non-contact tonometer designed to simplify intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements during eye examinations. With its user-friendly design, this tonometer offers a seamless process while ensuring patient comfort.

Product Features:

- 3D Auto Alignment, Measurement & Print-Out: Automated alignment, measurement, and print-out of IOP measurements save time and guarantee accurate results.
- Motorized Omni-Directional Joystick: Easily adjust the position of the tonometer using the motorized joystick for optimal alignment with the patient's eye.
- Selectable Measurement Modes: Flexible measurement modes cater to different patient needs and conditions, enhancing versatility and customization.
- Soft Air Puff & Position Safety Alert: Gentle air puff for IOP measurement ensures patient comfort, while the position safety alert feature prevents accidental measurements.
- Visual Reliability & Error Indicators: Visual indicators ensure measurement reliability and detect errors, aiding in obtaining accurate and dependable results.
- Internal & External Fixation: Support for both internal and external fixation methods enables accurate IOP measurements in various clinical scenarios.

Product Benefits:

- Efficient and Streamlined Measurement Process: The Canon TX-20 simplifies the process of measuring IOP, allowing for efficient and smooth eye exams.
- Patient Comfort: The use of a gentle air puff and position safety alert feature prioritize patient comfort during tonometry.
- Accurate and Dependable Results: Visual indicators and error detection mechanisms ensure the reliability of measurements, leading to accurate results.
- Versatility and Customization: Selectable measurement modes and support for internal and external fixation provide flexibility to adapt to different patient needs.

Technical Details:

- Non-contact tonometer
- User-friendly design
- Automated alignment, measurement, and print-out
- Motorized omni-directional joystick
- Selectable measurement modes
- Soft air puff for patient comfort
- Position safety alert feature
- Visual reliability and error indicators
- Support for internal and external fixation methods

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