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Topcon SL-7E Slit Lamp Bulb

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Product Description

Illuminate your examinations with the Topcon SL-7E Slit Lamp Bulb, the ultimate source of brilliant and focused light. Designed exclusively for the Topcon SL-7E Slit Lamp, this bulb enhances visibility and enables accurate and detailed examinations. With its reliable performance and long lifespan, it ensures the continuous functionality of the SL-7E, allowing you to deliver exceptional patient care.

Product Features:

- Primary Illumination Source: The bulb serves as the primary source of illumination for the Topcon SL-7E Slit Lamp, providing the necessary light for examinations.
- Bright and Focused Light: Emitting a bright and focused light, the bulb enables clear and precise examinations, facilitating accurate diagnosis.
- Designed for SL-7E Model: Specifically designed for the SL-7E model, the bulb ensures compatibility and optimal performance with the slit lamp.
- Optimal Visibility: By producing a focused light output, the bulb enhances visibility, allowing for detailed examination of the eye and surrounding structures.
- Reliable Performance: With its reliable performance, the bulb delivers consistent illumination, ensuring reliable and accurate results.
- Longevity: The bulb offers a long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and providing cost-effectiveness.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Visibility: The bright and focused light produced by the SL-7E Slit Lamp Bulb improves visibility during examinations, enabling clinicians to observe details with precision.
- Accurate Diagnoses: The bulb's high-quality light output facilitates accurate and detailed examinations, supporting clinicians in making precise diagnoses.
- Seamless Compatibility: Designed specifically for the SL-7E model, the bulb seamlessly integrates with the slit lamp, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.
- Reliability and Longevity: With its reliable performance and long lifespan, the bulb offers consistent and durable illumination, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.
- Cost-Effectiveness: The long lifespan of the bulb translates into cost savings, reducing maintenance and replacement costs for the SL-7E Slit Lamp.

Technical Details:

- Product Name: Topcon SL-7E Slit Lamp Bulb
- Operating Voltage: 6 volts
- Power Rating: 20 watts
- Compatibility: Designed for use with the Topcon SL-7E Slit Lamp
- Light Output: Bright and focused
- Lifespan: Long-lasting performance

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