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Topcon LM-8E Lensmeter

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Product Description

The Topcon LM-8E Lensmeter is a revolutionary instrument that brings remarkable advancements to lensometry. With its improved optical system, LED illuminated target, and user-friendly features, it offers enhanced precision, comfort, and ease of use. The LM-8E Lensmeter is designed to provide accurate measurements and streamline the lens analysis process, making it an essential tool for eye care professionals. The Topcon LM-8E Lensmeter combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency in lensometry. Its improved optical system, LED illuminated target, ergonomic design, advanced marking device, and additional functionalities make it an invaluable tool for eye care professionals seeking accurate and reliable lens measurements.

Product Features:

- Improved Optical System: The LM-8E Lensmeter incorporates an advanced optical system that ensures precise and reliable measurements. This enhanced system delivers clear and sharp images, optimizing the accuracy of lens analysis and assessment.

- LED Illuminated Target: With its LED illuminated target, the LM-8E provides brighter and glare-free viewing. The LED lighting technology ensures optimal illumination, allowing for easy identification of lens parameters without causing strain or discomfort to the eyes. It enhances visibility and accuracy in lens measurements.

- Traditional AO Crosshair Style Target: The LM-8E utilizes a traditional AO crosshair style target, a widely recognized and familiar format in lensometry. This target design facilitates accurate measurements and enables easy comparison with other instruments. Eye care professionals can rely on its familiar layout for consistent and reliable lens analysis.

- High and Wide Field Eyepiece: Equipped with a high and wide field eyepiece, the LM-8E reduces shading effects and minimizes eye fatigue during prolonged use. The ergonomic eyepiece design enhances comfort and allows for precise alignment of the lens. It ensures a comfortable and accurate viewing experience.

- Improved Marking Device: The LM-8E incorporates a new cartridge-type marking device, offering improved efficiency and accuracy in lens marking. This innovative feature simplifies the marking process, ensuring legible and precise identification of lens parameters. It saves time and improves the overall workflow.

- Battery Operated: The LM-8E is powered by batteries, providing portability and flexibility in various clinical settings. Its battery operation eliminates the need for a constant power source, allowing for convenient use anywhere. Eye care professionals can rely on its battery-operated functionality for mobility and versatility.

- Contact Lens Measurement: In addition to measuring standard lenses, the LM-8E supports contact lens measurement. This capability enables eye care professionals to accurately assess the parameters of contact lenses, contributing to effective and personalized patient care. It enhances the versatility and usefulness of the instrument.

- Built-in Prism Compensator: The LM-8E is equipped with a built-in prism compensator, enabling precise measurement and evaluation of prismatic effects in lenses. This feature is particularly valuable for assessing and prescribing prism corrections, providing comprehensive lens analysis capabilities.

Technical Details:

- Improved optical system
- LED illuminated target
- Traditional AO crosshair style target
- High and wide field eyepiece
- Improved cartridge-type marking device
- Battery operated
- Contact lens measurement support
- Built-in prism compensator

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