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Topcon KR-8900 Autorefractor - Refurbished

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Product Description

We are pleased to offer a refurbished Topcon KR8900 Autorefractor with a full 3-month parts and labor warranty. We understand the importance of peace of mind when investing in refurbished equipment, which is why we also provide a no-hassle return policy and extended warranty options for added convenience.

The Topcon KR-8900 is a state-of-the-art automated refraction technology that represents the latest generation of Topcon's advancements. It combines accuracy and reliability with new features and an enhanced design to improve the overall patient experience.

Key Features of the Topcon KR-8900 Autorefractor:
1. Rotary Prism Measurement: The KR-8900 utilizes Topcon's rotary prism technology, ensuring enhanced accuracy in refractive measurements. This technology is known for its reliability and consistency, providing precise results.

2. Measurement through Small Pupils: With the KR-8900, refractive and keratometric measurements can be performed even through pupils as small as 2mm. This feature allows for a wider range of patients to be accurately assessed, ensuring comprehensive eye exams.

3. Compact and Stylish Design: The KR-8900 boasts a new compact and stylish design that not only saves space in your practice but also enhances patient interaction. The instrument's sleek appearance contributes to a modern and professional environment.

4. Easy-to-Read Color LCD Display: The autorefractor features an easy-to-read color LCD display, providing clear and detailed measurement information. The display allows for quick and efficient data interpretation, optimizing workflow.

5. Auto Fire Mode: The auto fire mode enables fast and reliable data collection, streamlining the examination process. This mode ensures efficient and accurate measurements, saving valuable time for both the eye care professional and the patient.

6. Seamless Connection to Other Topcon Instruments: The KR-8900 seamlessly integrates with other Topcon instruments, allowing for a smooth workflow and efficient data transfer. This compatibility enhances the overall efficiency of your practice.

7. Built-in Printer: The autorefractor comes with a built-in printer, providing the convenience of immediate hard-copy printouts of measurement results. This feature allows for easy documentation and sharing with patients.

By choosing the refurbished Topcon KR8900 Autorefractor, you can benefit from its advanced features, reliable performance, and cost savings. Take advantage of our full warranty, no hassle return policy, and extended warranty options to ensure your satisfaction and the longevity of your investment.

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