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Topcon IS-5500 Instrument Stand

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Product Description

The Topcon IS-5500 Instrument Stand is a high-quality and innovative stand designed to enhance functionality and durability for ophthalmic examinations. Its advanced features and compact design ensure ease of use and efficiency during examinations while maintaining Topcon's renowned quality. The Topcon IS-5500 Instrument Stand combines innovative features, user-friendly design, and customization options to provide ophthalmic professionals with a reliable and efficient tool for examinations. Its durability and trusted quality make it a valuable asset in any clinical setting.

Product Features:

- EZ-Lock Brake Release: The stand is equipped with an EZ-Lock Brake Release mechanism, allowing for easy movement of the slit lamp. This feature simplifies instrument positioning and improves workflow during examinations.

- Smart Charge Wells: The IS-5500 includes three "Smart Charge" wells that conveniently hold and charge hand-held instruments. This feature ensures that instruments are readily available and powered for use, eliminating the hassle of searching for charged devices.

- Flexible Reading Lamp: The stand incorporates a flexible reading lamp with LED illumination. This lamp provides focused and adjustable lighting for reading charts or documents during examinations, improving visibility and accuracy.

- Compact Design: The IS-5500 features a smaller and more compact design compared to previous models. This design brings the control panel and charging wells closer to the user, allowing for easy accessibility and reducing strain during operation.

- Illuminated Liquid-Proof Membrane Switch Control Panel: The stand is equipped with an illuminated control panel featuring a liquid-proof membrane switch. This panel enables easy operation in darkened environments and provides full control of the stand, chair, and room light functions.

- Programmable Room Light Control: The stand offers programmable control of the room lights, allowing customization of lighting conditions to suit specific examination requirements and patient comfort.

- Indirect Ophthalmoscope Connector: The IS-5500 includes an indirect ophthalmoscope connector with a rheostat control and a pole-mounted hanger. This connector provides convenient storage and easy access to the indirect ophthalmoscope during examinations.

- Additional Arm Options: The stand provides the option to add a 3rd arm, which can be fixed or articulated based on preference and requirements. This additional arm enhances versatility and enables integration of additional instruments or accessories.

- Optional CV Mount Kit: The IS-5500 offers an optional CV mount kit, allowing for the mounting of a camera system. This feature enables image and video capture during examinations for documentation or further analysis.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Workflow: The stand's EZ-Lock Brake Release and compact design simplify instrument positioning and improve workflow during examinations, saving time and effort.

- Convenient Instrument Management: The Smart Charge wells ensure that hand-held instruments are easily accessible and continuously charged, eliminating the need for separate charging stations and reducing instrument downtime.

- Improved Visibility: The flexible reading lamp with LED illumination provides focused and adjustable lighting, enhancing visibility and accuracy when reading charts or documents during examinations.

- User-Friendly Operation: The illuminated control panel and liquid-proof membrane switch allow for easy operation in darkened environments, providing full control of the stand, chair, and room light functions with minimal effort.

- Customizable Lighting: The programmable room light control allows customization of lighting conditions, creating a comfortable environment for both practitioners and patients during examinations.

Technical Details:

- Compact and ergonomic design
- EZ-Lock Brake Release mechanism
- Three "Smart Charge" wells for instrument storage and charging
- Flexible reading lamp with LED illumination
- Illuminated liquid-proof membrane switch control panel
- Programmable room light control
- Indirect ophthalmoscope connector with rheostat control and pole-mounted hanger
- Option to add a 3rd arm (fixed or articulated)
- Optional CV mount kit for camera system integration

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