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Reliance 940 Chair Glide

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Product Description

The Reliance 940 Chair Glide is an essential accessory designed to provide ADA-compliant wheelchair access when used with a low base model Reliance chair. This innovative solution ensures compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, offering smooth and controlled wheelchair access. The Chair Glide features a satin finished, stainless steel base plate, a painted stainless steel track, and a heavy-duty stop mechanism, all designed to provide stability, convenience, and ease of use. The Reliance 940 Chair Glide offers a reliable and efficient solution for achieving ADA-compliant wheelchair access. Its satin finished, stainless steel base plate, painted stainless steel track, and heavy-duty stop mechanism ensure stability and control during wheelchair access. The tapered track and steel carriage enhance patient access and provide a stable platform. With case hardened steel rollers, the chair easily slides out of the way when not in use, allowing for flexibility and convenience. Made in America with a commitment to quality, the Reliance 940 Chair Glide promotes inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare environments, meeting the mandatory requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Product Features:

1. Satin Finished, Stainless Steel Base Plate:
- Durable and aesthetically pleasing base plate with a satin finish.
- Works on any floor surface, providing stability and support for wheelchair access.

2. Painted Stainless Steel Track:
- Centered track on the base plate for guided carriage movement.
- Prevents lateral movement and ensures smooth and controlled wheelchair access.

3. Heavy-Duty Stop:
- Limits the distance of travel to position the chair securely.
- Provides stability during wheelchair access.

4. Tapered Track:
- Tapered design for better patient access.
- Facilitates easy maneuvering of the wheelchair and smooth transitions.

5. Steel Carriage:
- Compatible with most Reliance chairs.
- Securely fits and provides a stable platform for wheelchair access.

6. Case Hardened Steel Rollers:
- Allows the chair to slide out of the way easily when not in use.
- Ensures convenience and flexibility in managing wheelchair access.

Technical Details:

- Made in America, adhering to high-quality standards.
- Designed for use with low base model Reliance chairs.
- Ensures ADA-compliant wheelchair access.
- Promotes inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare environments.

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