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Reliance 940 Chair Glide

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Product Description

The Reliance 940 Chair Glide is an accessory designed to provide ADA-compliant wheelchair access when used in conjunction with a low base model Reliance chair. By using the Chair Glide, you can ensure compliance with the mandatory requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here are the features of the Reliance 940 Chair Glide:

1. Satin finished, stainless steel base plate: The Chair Glide comes with a durable and aesthetically pleasing satin finished, stainless steel base plate. It is designed to work on any floor surface, providing stability and support for wheelchair access.

2. Painted stainless steel track: A painted stainless steel track is centered on the base plate. This track serves as a guide for the carriage and prevents lateral movement, ensuring smooth and controlled wheelchair access.

3. Heavy-duty stop: The Chair Glide includes a heavy-duty stop mechanism that limits the distance of travel. This feature helps to position the chair securely and provides stability during wheelchair access.

4. Tapered track: The track is tapered, allowing for better patient access. The tapered design facilitates easy maneuvering of the wheelchair and ensures a smooth transition onto and off the chair glide.

5. Steel carriage: The Chair Glide comes with a steel carriage that is compatible with most Reliance chairs. The carriage is designed to fit securely and provide a stable platform for wheelchair access.

6. Case hardened steel rollers: The Chair Glide utilizes case hardened steel rollers, which allow the chair to easily slide out of the way when not in use. This feature ensures convenience and flexibility in managing wheelchair access.

The Reliance 940 Chair Glide is proudly made in America, adhering to high-quality standards. It offers a reliable solution for achieving ADA-compliant wheelchair access, promoting inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare environments.

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