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Reichert XCEL 255 Slit Lamp

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Product Description

Experience exceptional clarity and detailed examinations with the Reichert XCEL 255 Slit Lamp. Its wide-field optics provide a clear and expansive view of the eye, while its compact design and user-friendly controls ensure a seamless user experience. With bright illumination, versatile magnification options, and precise control, the XCEL 255 is the perfect choice for eye care professionals.

Product Features:

- Compact design: Space-saving design allows for easy integration into any clinical setting without compromising functionality.
- Wide-Field optics: Expansive and clear view for detailed observations and examinations of the eye structures.
- Halogen lamp: Bright and consistent illumination for accurate assessments.
- Magnification options: Multiple magnification options (10X, 16X, 25X) for versatile examination and analysis of the eye structures.
- Feather-touch XYZ joystick: Precise and effortless control of the slit lamp's positioning and movement, ensuring user comfort and accuracy.

Product Benefits:

- Clear and detailed examinations: The wide-field optics and bright illumination of the XCEL 255 enable exceptional clarity and detailed observations of the eye structures.
- Compact and user-friendly: The compact design and user-friendly controls make the slit lamp easy to use and integrate into any clinical space.
- Versatile magnification: Multiple magnification options provide flexibility for various examination and analysis needs.
- Precise control: The feather-touch XYZ joystick allows for precise positioning and movement, enhancing user comfort and accuracy.

Technical Details:

- Slit lamp with wide-field optics
- Equipped with a halogen lamp for bright illumination
- Magnification options: 10X, 16X, 25X
- Feather-touch XYZ joystick for precise control

Elevate your examinations with the Reichert XCEL 255 Slit Lamp. Its exceptional optical performance, compact design, and user-friendly features make it a highly attractive choice for eye care professionals. Experience clear and detailed observations with its wide-field optics and enjoy precise control with the feather-touch XYZ joystick. The XCEL 255 is the perfect combination of functionality, convenience, and affordability.

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