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Reichert Model 30 Pneuma-tonometer

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Product Description

The Reichert Model 30 Pneuma-tonometer is a state-of-the-art instrument designed to provide fast and accurate tonometry measurements, along with the option for tonography functions. With its advanced technology, this user-friendly instrument offers precise intraocular pressure (IOP) readings and ocular pulse waveform analysis. The gentle touch of the floating probe tip, combined with regulated airflow, ensures a comfortable and reliable tonometry experience. The Reichert Model 30 Pneuma-tonometer combines user-friendly operation, advanced measurement capabilities, and clinical reliability to deliver exceptional tonometry and tonography performance. Its ease of use, versatility, and accurate measurements make it an indispensable tool for eye care professionals.

Product Features:

1. Intuitive Touch Screen Interface: The Model 30 Pneuma-tonometer features a user-friendly touch screen interface with icon-based navigation, simplifying operation for users of all experience levels. The full-color display guides the operator through the measurement process and displays readings clearly. An optional footswitch enhances convenience during measurements, allowing the operator to focus on handling the sensor probe.

2. Multi-Modality Capability: In addition to accurate tonometry measurements, the Model 30 Pneuma-tonometer offers ocular pulse amplitude measurements, providing valuable information about ocular perfusion. Furthermore, it includes an optional tonography mode, enabling the assessment of aqueous outflow efficiency in the trabecular meshwork.

3. Trusted and Reliable: The Model 30 Pneuma-tonometer is highly regarded by specialists and researchers worldwide for its reliability and accuracy. It has become a preferred choice in clinical settings due to its consistent performance. Research studies have demonstrated that measurements obtained with the Model 30 Pneuma-tonometer are less influenced by corneal properties compared to alternative tonometry methods.

Product Benefits:

- Accurate and Fast Measurements: The Model 30 Pneuma-tonometer delivers precise intraocular pressure readings quickly, enhancing efficiency during diagnostic procedures.
- Comfortable Patient Experience: The floating probe tip and regulated airflow ensure a gentle and comfortable tonometry experience for patients, minimizing discomfort or distress.
- Comprehensive Data Analysis: With the option for ocular pulse waveform analysis, the instrument provides valuable insights into ocular perfusion, contributing to a more comprehensive assessment of eye health.
- Versatile Functionality: The availability of tonography mode expands the range of diagnostic capabilities, allowing for detailed evaluation of aqueous outflow efficiency in the trabecular meshwork.
- User-Friendly Operation: The intuitive touch screen interface and optional footswitch simplify the measurement process, reducing operator fatigue and facilitating smooth workflow.
- Recordkeeping and Documentation: The integrated chart strip printout serves as a convenient record of the diagnostic procedure, ensuring accurate documentation for future reference.

Technical Details:

- Measurement Principle: Pneumatic tonometry with a floating probe tip and regulated airflow.
- Tonography Function: Optional mode for measuring aqueous outflow efficiency in the trabecular meshwork.
- Touch Screen Interface: Intuitive touch screen interface with icon-based navigation.
- Compatibility: Suitable for use by users of various experience levels.
- Footswitch Compatibility: Optional footswitch available for enhanced convenience during measurements.
- Clinical Validation: Trusted by specialists and researchers for its reliability and accuracy in tonometry measurements.

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