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Reichert CT210 Contact Tonometer

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Product Description

Experience the convenience and accuracy of the Reichert CT210 Contact Tonometer, designed to be seamlessly mounted on a compact-style slit lamp microscope. This innovative tonometer provides a practical solution for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) during eye examinations. With its unique swing-down positioning mechanism, the CT210 allows for effortless arm movement into place when IOP readings are required, ensuring precise and efficient measurements.

Product Features:

- Mounts on slit lamp microscope: The CT210 is specifically designed to be mounted on a compact-style slit lamp microscope, integrating seamlessly into the examination workflow and eliminating the need for additional equipment.
- Swing-down positioning mechanism: The tonometer features a swing-down positioning mechanism, allowing the measurement arm to be easily moved into place for obtaining accurate IOP readings. This mechanism ensures quick and precise alignment without disrupting the examination process.
- Compact design: The CT210 is compact in size, taking up minimal space and preserving the overall functionality of the slit lamp microscope. Its integration does not interfere with the normal diagnostic use of the microscope.

Product Benefits:

- Convenience and integration: By mounting directly on the slit lamp microscope, the CT210 offers a convenient and integrated solution for obtaining IOP measurements. Eye care professionals can seamlessly switch between slit lamp examinations and IOP measurements without the need for additional devices.
- Quick and precise alignment: The swing-down positioning mechanism of the CT210 enables swift and accurate alignment when measuring IOP. This ensures reliable results without causing disruption or discomfort to the patient.
- Space-saving design: The compact nature of the CT210 ensures it takes up minimal space on the slit lamp microscope, allowing for an unobstructed examination experience. It preserves the full functionality of the microscope and provides a clutter-free workspace.

Technical Details:

- Designed for mounting on a compact-style slit lamp microscope
- Swing-down positioning mechanism for quick and precise alignment
- Compact size to minimize space usage

Upgrade your slit lamp microscope with the Reichert CT210 Contact Tonometer, offering a convenient and compact solution for measuring IOP during eye examinations. Its easy mounting capability, unique swing-down positioning mechanism, and compatibility with compact-style slit lamps make it an essential tool for eye care professionals seeking accurate and efficient IOP measurements.

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